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These days, you need to invest in an expensive gym membership to get fit. It’s simply not necessary when you look at all the great home fitness equipment out there on the market. So, which pieces of home fitness equipment are most important for staying in shape all year round? Read on to find out.


Weights are very important for anyone trying to get fit. Of course, cardio exercise is important too. But weights allow you to build up your strength and get that muscle gain you’re looking for. But don’t forget, lifting weights also allows you to burn off fat if you do it regularly and thoroughly. So, don’t ignore the value that weightlifting can bring to your overall fitness regime.


These little devices are growing in popularity pretty dramatically these days. They are very simple, but also very effective. They allow you to monitor your fitness and exercise levels throughout the day. You should make sure that you buy one if you haven't already. The Fitbit models allow you to wear them on your wrist, and they can be worn all night too. You can monitor your health whether you’re asleep or awake. And the great thing about them is that they allow you to monitor your progress as you try to get fit.



A good treadmill can be bought for a relatively low price these days. And the top of the range ones you find in top gyms are not even necessary. Yes, they might have lots of buttons and flashing lights. But it’s the actual exercise you do that matters. Having a treadmill allow you to run or job at any time of the day or night. You can jump on it and start exercising instantly. It’s something that everyone should have if they’re trying to get fit without actually going to a big gym. It’ll make getting fit so much easier. Read this NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill review if you’re thinking of buying one.

Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are so useful because they’re so adaptable. They can be used for all kinds of fitness activities, so you should definitely invest in one if you haven’t already. There are some exercise balls that even have exercises and activities printed onto them. That means you can follow the instructions as printed on the ball and get in shape easily. But even an ordinary exercise ball is useful because the amount of different things that they can be used for when you’re getting fit.


Smart Scales

This isn’t for exercise; it’s for your diet. So, you should definitely buy some smart scales. They are great for anyone looking to change their approach to the food they eat. These smart scales allow you to not only weigh the portions, but to weigh the types of food. That means you can monitor the number of calories that you consume over the course of a week. Actually weighing things out and looking at how much fat, carbohydrate and calories are in it makes you stop and think.


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