Periods: 3 Things You May Not Know

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Periods are not something that many women look forward to each month. They can cause cramps, mood swings and discomfort. This can be so severe that it can stop women from going to work or school. It’s a natural and essential process, but that doesn’t make it fun or pleasant. But even though the majority of us get them every month, many of us still don’t know a lot about them. This is often because some women are embarrassed to talk about their bodily functions and share their experiences. So to help you be more informed about your period, here are some surprising things you may not know.

Weight loss can make them stop

Many women are unaware that if they lose a substantial amount of weight, their periods will stop. This is often common in women who have little body fat. This is because the fat in a woman’s body contributes to a large portion of her oestrogen levels. If the fat levels reduce, less oestrogen can be made and therefore menstruation will stop. This loss in fat can be caused by excessive dieting and exercise and bad nutrition. This can also lead to other health concerns. So if you’ve lost weight and your periods have stopped, see your doctor right away.

There are multiple sanitary products to choose from

When women start having their periods during puberty, they tend to only use sanitary pads or tampons. Many women will then continue using these products for the rest of their lives. While tampons and pads are the most popular forms of sanitary products, they are not your only options. You could use a moon cup, which is a reusable device that you insert into your vagina to catch the blood. Cloth pads are another option. These are similar to sanitary towel but can be washed and reused. These two options are both environmentally friendly as they don’t get thrown away. So if you can’t get used to tampons or don’t like the feel of plastic pads, you don’t have to use them. Talk to your doctor about other alternative or visit your local drugstore.

You can get pregnant during your period

One of the biggest myths concerning periods is that you are unable to get pregnant while you are bleeding. This is not true, and many women have accidentally got pregnant this way. This can understandably come as a huge shock, and many couples are unprepared for this news. So if you want to have sex during your period and don’t want to get pregnant, it’s always best to use contraception. There are multiple types to choose from, from condoms to the implant. Again, talk to your doctor about your options or visit a local pharmacy for advice.

Even though periods are annoying and can be inconvenient, there is no denying their importance. The more information you know about your menstrual cycle, the better equipped you are at dealing with it each month. If you are concerned about your monthly cycle for any reason, make an appointment with your doctor.


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