The Zika Virus in New Jersey

"Prepare and PREVENT, don't repair and repent" - Unknown 

Written by Dana Rockwell 

Are you prepared for summer? Are you prepared to prevent mosquito contracted disease? Yesterday, with no coincidence, I wrote an article about the Zika Virus and how to protect and prevent mosquito bites. Today, I woke up to find more alarming news about the Zika virus.  

Last evening, the News reported that the first baby was born with Zika-linked microcephaly. Its a very serious birth defect in which the babies brain is underdeveloped and head is abnormally shaped. According to many reports, the CDC has confirmed that the baby's microcephaly is  linked to the Zika virus.  While the mosquitoes in our local tri-state area are said not to be direct carriers of the disease, it is better to prepare and prevent.  

For more detailed information about how AVON can help see the article below:

The CDC RECOMMENDS Protection and Prevention!   


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