Vape Not Smoke - The Reasons Why

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2016 seems to be the year when technology is starting to solve all our problems. VR for our homes in being released this autumn, almost everyone has a smartphone, and even smoking has gone electronic. So should we switch to vaping? Read on to find out.

It smells better


One of the key advantages of vaping over smoking is that you don't get that horrible stale smoke smell. Smokers will know that it sticks to your hair and clothes, and non-smokers can smell it on your breath. It can make your house reek and make it difficult to sell. Not to mention that charming yellow staining you can get on the walls and ceilings from smoking inside with real cigarettes. Do yourself and favour and switch to vaping now, so you don't have to worry about that horrible stench

More healthy than smoking

The chief benefit to vaping over smoking cigarettes is it is healthier. Of course, you can get vaping liquid that contains tobacco, but some of the bad stuff is taken out. It is worth bearing in mind though that the long term effect of vaping has not yet been researched. Indeed, nicotine is addictive itself and it is dangerous if consumed in large quantities. So do be careful to store your e-liquids away from pets and children.

Better on the go

Vaping is so much easier on the go. With the costs of cigarettes ever increasing, many people smoke rolls ups. But if they want to smoke while they are out and about they will have to stop and go through all the hassle of rolling a cigarette. With vaping that is not the case, as they are always ready to go. Just make sure that you charge the battery and top up the liquid before you leave the house.

You can use liquid or cartridges

If changing the liquid all the time seem like a bit of a chore, why not get a vape pen with cartridges. These are pre-filled and sealed, e-liquid phials that click straight into your atomiser. Some even have rubber caps, so you can change the flavour of your liquid half way through a cartridge and not waste any. The cartridges are great because you don't have to worry about spilling the liquid. But remember that they don't quite come in as many wild and wonderful flavours as the bottle liquids.

There are lots of flavours

Talking of flavours, that is one of the best reasons to vape instead of smoke. Not only can you get the traditional tobacco and menthol flavours, but also a myriad of fruit, sweet and beverage tastes. Try a sherbet dip liquid, change it up with a coffee taste or go with a kiwi flavour straight from New Zealand.

You can get mods

Another reason why vaping is better than smoking is the mods and upgrades you can purchase. You can get all sorts of boxes and tanks to personalise your vape pen and enhance the e-cigarette experience.


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