The Weight Loss Secrets of The Celebs

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Celebrities always look so fantastic, and so it’s no wonder they become such icons for so many of us. And while they might have access to all of the health advice, personal trainers, equipment and the best nutrition- there are actually a few little tricks they do which any of us can try ourselves. Here are some of the best celebrity weight loss secrets.


Unusual Health Foods

There are a number of foods that are said to have surprising health benefits. Apple cider vinegar for example is said to detoxify the body and aid digestion, even lowering blood glucose levels. Svelte celebs including Miranda Kerr and Megan Fox swear by it, and the trend is becoming increasingly popular. Coconut oil is another popular health food which can speed up metabolism and also increase feelings of fullness after eating meaning you consume less throughout the day. It has been endorsed by celebrity MD Doctor Oz and is used by celebrities including Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. If you want to give it a go, buy unrefined extra virgin coconut oil and either eat a small spoonful or simply switch out your regular cooking oil and use that instead.

Going Temporarily Vegan

A diet that focuses on plant based products only can be highly beneficial to health and also be helpful in losing weight. Meat and dairy products can be high in saturated fat and so removing these can be very positive for health. Beyonce and Jay Z famously went vegan for twenty two days, if you are looking to detox your body and lose weight this is a great route to take. Even if you can’t commit to becoming a lifetime vegan, a stint like this as well as introducing more vegan meals into your weekly menu can help to shed weight and keep it off

Elimination Diet

A sworn weight loss tip by celebrities such as Gwenyth Paltrow, the ‘Elimination Diet’ is a detox which you complete after periods of indulgence. Health coaches and doctors all approve some form of it, and it’s said to get to the root cause of a number of health problems and ailments. It is based on the idea that you detoxify your body and then when you gradually reintroduce other foods, you can tell what is causing you problems. This can help you get to the bottom of things like why you feel bloated, and find out which foods stall your weight loss.


Unusual Workouts

Celebrity weight loss secrets aren’t just about diet, but exercise too. Jenna Dewan Tatum, wife of Channing Tatum does fun dance workouts to keep her flawless figure. But even having a baby didn’t slow her down- she said she did squats, lunges and calf raises in the nursery while rocking baby Everly to sleep! Exercising with your baby is a fun way to fit in workouts as a new parent, if you’re looking to get on board check out different routines online as well as the safety pointers.


While a corset won’t actually cause you to lose any weight, it can certainly give the appearance of a better physique. Jessica Alba, the Kardashian clan, Nicki Minaj and Lindsay Lohan are but a few of the celebrities that openly admit to ‘waist training’ by using corsets. A good corset won’t show through clothes, and prolonged use will change the shape of your figure by nipping in your waist.


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