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Our weight and health are linked very closely together. One often has an effect on the other. But that doesn’t mean that they are completely out of control. In fact, there are a few things you can do to help ensure your health and weight both improve. They aren’t difficult things or things that will cost you a whole lot of money. They are all tips that your doctor wishes you knew. Do you want to be in on all of these little secrets? Then read on! You will certainly be surprised at how easy it is to change your health and weight for the better!

Your Doctor Isn’t Judging You

Your doctor really wishes you knew that he or she isn’t judging you when you are having a consultation with them. Why is this important that all patients understand this? Many doctors feel that they need to know so that no one is ever embarrassed about going for a general checkup, or whenever they have a more pressing issue. Quite a few people are hung up on their weight. And those who regard themselves as obese are often embarrassed by the fact. However, that shouldn’t put them off seeing their doctor. In fact, it should make them want to go! Their obesity might be caused by a health condition which their doctor can get to the bottom of. If their weight is down to lifestyle choices, the doctor can show them how they can live a healthier life. So next time you have an appointment with your family doctor, don’t get stressed that he or she is judging you. They only want to help and do what is best for you!

There Are Foods That Can Speed Up Your Metabolism

To lose weight, you need to give your metabolism your boost. So what exactly is the metabolism? It is the name given to all the chemical processes that happen in your body. Without our metabolism, we wouldn’t be alive. If we have a fast metabolism, it means that all the chemical reactions are going off at a very fast rate. And when our metabolism is fast, it helps our body burn a lot more calories very quickly. That’s because our body needs all the calories in order to carry out all the chemical reactions. You can actually speed up your metabolism by eating the right foods. Things like caffeine, green teas, and spicy food are all known for burning extra calories when ingested. However, that doesn’t mean you can have unhealthy versions of these foods. Instead of having a calorific pumpkin spice latte, stick to a black americano instead.

There Are Some Pills That Do Help With Weight Loss

Diet pills have had a lot of bad press lately. In the past, people have used some over-the-counter ones that contained harmful substances. Such as amphetamines. However, these days, the pills are a lot safer. Not all of them work, though. You need to know which ones to look out for, such as orlistat tablets. If you are particularly overweight and are having trouble controlling your diet, you can always ask your doctor about diet pills. There are some that can only be obtained with a prescription. However, the focus still needs to be on diet and exercise, even if you do get prescription diet pills. They won’t work just on their own.

It Could Be Psychological

Symptoms don’t always have a physical cause. For instance, stomach cramps and headaches are often caused by emotional factors. Some studies show that this is also the case for obesity. Some people tend to comfort eat when they are stressed or upset. This can easily lead to putting on weight and becoming obese. There are certain ways to combat stress eating, though. Instead of relying on food to control your moods and emotions, try to find another pleasure. One of the best things you could do would be to find pleasure in exercise. Then, next time you feel stressed, take a quick walk around the block instead of eating a bar of chocolate. Not only will this benefit your health, but it will also prevent your comfort eating turn into an eating disorder.

Water Can Make You Gain Weight

We all know by now just how healthy water is. It is the best drink you can drink, especially when compared to fizzy soda and over-caffeinated beverages. But did you know that it can actually help you gain weight? The truth is, our bodies tend to hold onto a lot of water. There are various reasons why sometimes our bodies retain more water than usual. But you can easily tell whether your extra weight is water or fat. Water weight seems to be added onto our bodies almost instantly. Have you ever checked the scales and noticed you gained half a pound overnight? The chances are that is water weight. If your hands, feet, and ankles seem puffy, that is also a sign of gaining water weight. But all this doesn’t mean you should stop drinking water! There are some easy solutions. Make sure you are sleeping well and not eating too much salt in your diet. You will find that taking a magnesium supplement also helps manage water weight.    

There Is More To Calories Than Meets The Eye

We all know that if we burn more calories than what we eat, we will lose weight. But you should also watch what kind of calories you eat. Not all calories are made equally! For instance, our bodies have to work harder to burn protein calories. So not only is a high-protein diet great for increasing your metabolism, but it will also help you burn a lot more calories. Restricting calories from carbohydrates in your diet can also force your body into ketosis. This is when it burns its fat stores for energy. However, that shouldn’t mean you should cut out carbs from your diet completely. There are plenty of carbs that are very healthy and can actually help our bodies lose weight. Instead of bad carbs, like white bread and pasta, opt for whole grain ones, such as quinoa and couscous.

Not Everything Works For Everyone

Just because your friend lost a lot of weight by exercising more doesn’t mean you will too. Every single body is different, and there are multiple factors that make it easier for some to lose weight while others struggle. Some bodies tend to respond to exercise better than others. And some people will have health conditions that make it difficult to lose weight no matter how much they change their diet and workouts. Some such conditions include polycystic ovaries. If you find that your chosen method of weight loss isn’t working, move on and try something else. If you are struggling to find a plan that works, speak to your doctor about it. They might refer you to a dietician who can help you create a diet plan to suit you. It could also be worth finding a local personal trainer who can help you get fitter and improve your health. By finding your body’s ideal diet and fitness routine, you will find it a lot easier to get to your target weight.

Losing weight and getting fitter is going to be a struggle. But it isn’t entirely impossible. There are many people out there who can help, including your doctor and dieticians. And now that you know all these secrets from your doctor, you will find it slightly easier to get to your end goal!


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