When Is A Beauty Problem Actually A Health Issue?

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Sometimes, illnesses and health conditions are written all across our face. It’s just that we don’t realize it, and mistake these tell-tale signs as just a bad beauty day. So how do you tell if a blemish is just a sign of not getting enough beauty sleep, or something far worse? In this blog, I’ve written about some common signs of health conditions that you need to be aware of.

Dry Lips

If you’re like me, you might grab your chapstick or lip gloss whenever you notice chapped lips. More often than not, dry lips are nothing to worry about. Especially in winter, when they are just one of the bad effects of the cold weather. However, sometimes they can be a sign of dehydration. So next time your lips are feeling dry, be sure to drink plenty of water. If that doesn’t improve things, you might have an issue with your sweat gland. Don’t panic, though; visit your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Thinning Hair

Thinning hair or a small bald patch could be a sign of various health conditions. This could be a sign that you are pregnant. However, if there is no chance of that, then it could be a sign of something much more serious. You could have a skin condition, such as psoriasis that is causing your hair to fall out. If you take any vitamin supplements, make sure you aren’t taking too much vitamin A, as this can lead to hair loss. There are some other not-so-serious reasons why your hair may be thinning. These include stress and age. You can try to replace the lost hair with a hair-loss program such as the one from therebuildhairprogram.com

Rashes And Blemishes

Usually, blemishes and blotches on the face mean that your daily skincare routine is slipping! A few days of moisturizing should get things back on track. However, if this doesn’t improve the situation, you might have a problem with your digestive system. Itchy red bumps on the face are a sign of celiac disease. If you notice you have a red rash across the nose, then you might be suffering from lupus. In both of these cases, it is important that you see your doctor.

Yellow Eyelids

Do you have yellow spots on your eyelids? These are small lesions that are full of cholesterol. If you notice this, it is a sign that you have an increased risk of heart disease. There are some ways you can reduce this risk. Make sure you are eating a healthy diet and eating plenty of foods that are good for heart health, such as whole grains and oily fish. It will also benefit you to increase your amount of weekly exercise. There are many more ways to reduce your cholesterol and improve your heart health. You can find them on sites like webmd.com/cholesterol-management/features/11-tips-to-cut-your-cholesterol-fast

Next time you notice something slightly different about your appearance, keep an eye on it. If it doesn’t go away, it could be a sign to go to the doctors!


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