The Surprising Dangers That Lurk In Our Tap Water


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Water is the answer to everything. Got a headache? Drink some water. Lacking concentration? Drink some water. Not feeling well? You guessed it, drink some water. But what is nature’s miracle cure by design can actually be the cause of a number of health conditions due to the types of chemicals and waste that get left in it. If you’re feeling brave- read on for just a few of the scary things that could well be lurking in your harmless looking glass of water.

Viruses and Parasites
The water we have on earth today is the same water that was around when dinosaurs ruled. If you think about it, no water is ever ‘made’, it’s simply the same which is constantly re-used and recycled. So think about it, water that was once at the bottom of a muddy puddle or the bottom of a toilet will eventually go on to become someone’s drinking water. While water treatment facilities treat and clean the water (and reduce pathogens to a ‘safe’ level), they’re not perfect. Some viruses and parasites do still survive and can go on to be ingested in your water. These include coliform, e-Coli, Legionella, polioviruses, echoviruses and coxsackieviruses. Cryptosporidium and Giardia Intestinalis are parasites which again are common in tap water.

Heavy Metals
Mercury, lead, arsenic, fluoride and iron are all often found in tap water. They are highly poisonous to the body, and what’s worse rather than our bodies flushing them away they can accumulate in our organs. Metals like lead for example can lead to irreversible cognitive and physical damage, and arsenic is a well-known poison. Is it ok that these are found so readily in the water we drink- which we need to survive? There has been an ongoing debate for years about the effects of fluoridation of tap water, many arguing it was essential for tooth health. But recent studies have shown that it’s not as useful for preventing tooth decay as initially thought. And there are a whole host of negative effects to adding it to water including weakened bones and thyroid conditions. The decision to add it to drinking water was based on weak scientific evidence to begin with.

Pesticides and Herbicides
You know those toxic chemicals designed to obliterate pests and weeds? As you can imagine, they’re not great for humans either. In fact they’re incredibly dangerous. They’ve been linked to endocrine and hormonal changes, autism and ADHD, cancer and neurological issues. When you buy organic food, it’s exactly these kinds of chemicals that you’re avoiding. But chances are, you’re drinking them in your tap water anyway.

Thankfully there are ways you can remove up to 99% of these unnecessary and horribly harmful additions to your water. And that’s by using a water filter. You could look into the how what why about Berkey water filters and other similar brands in order to come to a decision about what’s best for you.


Removing harmful toxins from your water and diet is a good step towards better health. Knowing exactly what’s lurking in it is the first step. When tap water is considered so clean and healthy, it might be something you’d never even thought about.

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