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Out of all the different things that go into a home workout regimen, cardio seems like the simplest on the surface. However, people get a wide range of outcomes from it. Some will see great results in a short space of time, whereas others seem to give it their all and barely achieve anything! Here are a few helpful tips for getting the best start with cardio.

It’s All About Intensity

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All too often, I talk to people who go to the gym with the goal of doing 45, 60, 75 minutes on the elliptical or some other piece of equipment, without any set plan in mind for the kind of work they’ll actually be doing on their choice of machine. Don’t measure your cardio workouts by the time it takes, and meet that goal while simply watching the TV or chatting to your friends who happen to be in that day. Putting in the time is not the same as putting in the effort. If you want your cardio to be an effective method for burning fat, it needs to have a certain degree of intensity to it. If you fail to bring intensity to the table, you’re only going to end up wasting your time.

Choose the Right Workout

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This is one of the first decisions you’re going to have to make when you decide to do cardio. Like a lot of people, you might be interested in taking part in more than one activity. The important thing is choosing them. From an objective point of view, I’d recommend workouts with the biggest potential for intensity. High-intensity aerobics classes, running, rowing, and cycling are all great for this. They’re certain to yield faster and more noticeable results than watching Friends while you go through the motions on the elliptical machine. Going back to my first point, the intensity of your workout is definitely key, but it’s still important to choose an activity you enjoy. This will make it much easier to get stuck into, and will make to get yourself out of bed when you promised yourself you’d go for a run in the morning!

Do It at Home

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The word “cardio” probably conjures up images of some Rocky montage; running up steep hills and pushing yourself on treadmills and other equipment. Of course, if you’ve got the budget and the need, nothing’s stopping you from going to an official website for reviews and kitting your home gym out with a new exercise bike. However, don’t think that you need to go on runs or hit the gym to reap the benefits of good cardio. There are all kinds of highly effective cardio exercises which you can do at home, with basic equipment such as a jump rope, or even with nothing but your body. A lack of time, or the weather being bad, is no excuse for neglecting cardio! You can perform a great cardio workout at home in as little as 15 minutes, provided you have the drive!


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