Happy Holidays 2016 from 365 Days of Health & Fitness, Plus

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I'd like to personally take a moment to send a heartfelt thanks to all of our readers, contributors, sponsors, affiliates, guest bloggers, family, friends -- ALL.  Without you, 365 Days of Health & Fitness, Plus would have never reached 580 articles. My quest began in mid-2011 as a hobby and has grown significantly. At the beginning of 2016, we approached 500 articles and I am grateful we are now at 580.  In 2017, Evlin, myself, & our contributors plan to continue to deliver the highest quality informative health and fitness articles.  We are behind on some of our goals, such as the development of our ebook, but we promise it's coming.  

This year I learned a lot about self-discovery and being grateful. When the Holiday season approaches we often thank those who've helped us all year with a small gesture or present. We don't thank those whom we care about or those who are an integral part of our daily routine often enough.  With that in mind, please think about this and be grateful for those in your life.  Saying thanks or thank you when someone helps or gives you an opinion that changes your mindset is enough and may make someone's day. Don't wait for the Holidays to say thank you.  

Make this New Year the most successful yet! 

We do hope you continue to visit, read, and interact with us.  We are always open for suggestions; you can email me directly @ danarockauthor@gmail.com.  

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Holiday & Joyous New Year! 
Your gracious founder, 
Dana Rockwell 💗🎄🎄


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