Making a New Fitness Plan and Ways To Make Sure That You Actually Stick At It

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Talking yourself out of exercise is one of the easiest things that we can do. We’ve all done it, right? We have the best intentions to go for a run or a gym class, but we just don’t get there. But if you want to get yourself fit in the coming year, then you need to devise a plan that will make it happen. Here are some ways to start and exercise plan and make it stick.


Choose a Time That Works For You

We are all different and prefer different times of day to others. So if you are one of the people that enjoys working out first thing in the morning, then make it happen. You might not enjoy it necessarily, but it might be the time that works best for you. If you prefer the evenings, then go with that. Just pick a time that works for you and you’re more likely to stick to it.

Schedule the Time In

One way we can talk ourselves out of our exercise plans is if something ‘better’ comes along. If we think we might go after work, then it only might happen. So if people ask you to go and join them for drinks, we are more likely to do that. But if you schedule in a class or a workout with a friend, it makes it harder to cancel the plans. So schedule the time in like you would for any other appointment.

Quit Smoking

If you want to get fit, then it can be hard to do that if you smoke. Your lungs will be put under strain and having a cigarette after exercise can almost be a little counterproductive. So one great way to make sure that your fitness improves and you stick to the fitness plan, is to quit. It might be hard to just stop completely. So it is almost recommended that it is done gradually. One way to do that (that is better for you) is to use e-cigarettes. The give you a nicotine fix without the tar and other chemicals. So you might want to look for e-cigarette suppliers that you could order from.

Set Yourself Realistic Goals

You might have the goal to do 5K Running Events But if you are someone that hasn’t exercised for a long time, you can’t just expect to achieve that straight away. So set yourself smaller realistic goals, that will lead to your main goal. You could start with just aiming for 1k without stopping. Then go from there. If you set things that are too out of reach, you can get disheartened and give up. So think carefully about the fitness goals you’d like to achieve.

Do Things You Enjoy

You will justify your way out of exercise if it isn’t something that you like to do. So make sure that you choose a workout or sport that you will enjoy. It might mean trying a few things out to see what you like. You will need to change things up a bit after a while, but for now, go for the enjoyment factor.


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