3 Simple Steps to Get You Moving

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There are two types of people in this world: those who love to get out and about and move all day and those who don’t. It’s quite a black and white way of looking at the situation. Those two categories both make money for the sportswear industries; whereas the former group use them as everyday clothes, the latter buy them ‘just in case’ or because they’ll appear trendy. Maybe they’ll use them a couple of times, but then simply do not stick to what they started and go back to their everyday routine. What gives?

Drink More Water

By consuming more H20, especially when it’s cold, you are waking up your body and putting it into action. Try and drink at least five glasses a day if you’re not doing so already - it will make you feel energised and refreshed at the very least, and this benefit will see you in a different state of mind to the one that you have been working with. An adverse way of thinking due to dehydration comes out in the form of sluggishness, an avoidance of exercise and a defeatist attitude. Not only is water great for keeping your mind active, but it will keep your metabolism active at the same time; the drinking of 5 glasses of cold water alone will burn 50 calories and help with general weight-loss.

Take Note of What You’re Doing

Write down everything exercise-based that you’re doing every day. Don’t dismiss even the littlest of things as being silly, such as walking to the coffee machine from your desk at work - it all counts. The more you take note of what you are doing in a day, the more you will realise that changes need to be made or you will start to egg yourself on and complete these changes yourself. There are products available which will do all of the complicated counting for you; sites like www.homehealthgear.com will be able to provide reviews of products such as FitBits and other pedometers/calorie counters on offer so you can figure out which will be best to suit your needs.

Get In Competition

Pick a target. Don’t see your friends and family as motivation through their words - see them as motivation through their actions. Compare and contrast yourself to them and beat them; if they have mentioned that they have been on a walk that day, ask them how long for and then beat their time. They won’t realise what you’re doing unless you expressly tell them, and if that’s the case then they will probably enjoy a bit of friendly competition, but this way you don’t have to explain yourself or keep up with something that isn’t working for you in order to keep them happy.  Let’s face it - as humans we are a pretty competitive race and are constantly trying to outdo one another in some shape or form. Why not turn that into something super-productive and get yourself out and about and moving? 


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