365 Days of Health & Fitness...Plus, Year In Review 2016

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"The beginning is always today" ~ Mary Wollstonecraft 

Written by 
Dana Rockwell 

One of my biggest weaknesses' has always been anticipation. While it is still present in my life, over the past year and a half I've learned to put anticipation at bay.  Anticipation can lead to avoidance and today I do not want to avoid things unless they are dangerous.    When anticipation creeps up on me, I reevaluate the day, moment, hour, or second to put my mind at ease.  I put my worries in a bottle and send them away, similar to the picture above.  It is difficult, yet simple because we are responsible for how we feel and ultimately how our day will turn out.  If you are having "what you feel" is a bad day, remember two things:  someone else has it worse and tomorrow can be a fresh start or a new beginning.  

It's not a secret that I love to research and write.  Last year with school, work, commitments, and other activities, I did not have the opportunity to write as often as I would have liked to. This year will be different as each day will be a new beginning and I have 365 Days of new beginnings and opportunities

Now I present our year in review:  

For 2016, the personal articles I am most proud of are:

Skin Care Matters - published on LinkedIn Pulse. The article discusses the importance of a daily skin care regimen and includes an important review of skin care types, skin care myths, and ingredients found in today's top products.  

Unhealthy Shortcuts and Their Healthy Alternatives - published on DIY Active. This article talks about 2 common, not so healthy shortcuts - the use of waist trainers and diet pills and what fitness seekers can do instead. 

Is your Smartphone Interrupting Your Sleep? published directly on 365 Days of Health & Fitness and talks about some the top smartphone dangers that technology lovers do not consider before going to sleep.  

For 2016. the Top Articles on 365 Days of Health & Fitness, Plus were: 

7 Exercises You Need to Work On For A Stress-Free Holiday Travel - written by M. Diaz. This particular article is important because it reminds us that even when we are on vacation there are various exercises that can be performed without equipment. Keep the fitness momentum going.

Periods: 3 Things You May Not Know - written via a very special weekly contributor who chooses to remain anonymous.  In summary, the article is women's health based and brings special attention to three things women may not have thought about during their menstruation cycle.   

Tips and Tricks To Begin Your Fitness Journey - written by our weekly contributor this post prepares and motivates any fitness enthusiast reminding them of tips from outlining solid fitness goals to having the proper gear.  It is definitely a must read.  

Remember to treat every day like a new beginning.   

It is our goal to deliver well researched high-quality articles. We hope you have the time to read all or some of the articles mentioned and provide feedback.  The best way to reach me directly is via email at danarockauthor@gmail.com.


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