5 Health Myths That Refuse to Die

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Things that our parents teach us can be handed done and instilled into our minds from a very young age. There are many basic myths that a lot of people still believe in, but just aren’t true and have been debunked by science research many times over. However, for some reason, people still cling to these myths. It’s either because those people don’t believe in science and instead, believe a message that was passed down in their family or by their parents. Or worse, they know these myths aren’t true but they still believe in them because it helps them prove a point or market their business.

Let’s explore five different health myths that, for whatever reason, still exist and haven’t been removed from the public eye yet.

Drinking 8 Glasses of Water in a Day

Water is good for you, that’s no myth. However, what many people advocate is eight glasses of water in a single day. But you’ve probably questioned this and told yourself “That’s too much!” or “That’s too little!”. That’s perfectly fine, because the reality of it is that drinking eight glasses a day isn’t an amount that should be set in stone. In fact, the amount of water you drink really just depends on your diet, your activity and your overall health.

For example, if the summer we’re told to drink a lot more water. This is because we sweat more which makes us lose water in our bodies. We have to replenish this water by drinking more often or else we suffer from dehydration and headaches. If you work out a lot the same applies; you need to drink water to replenish the fluids you lose while sweating.

If your diet consists of a lot of soups and foods that contain water content, then you only need to drink enough water to keep your body topped up and to keep your urine from going a dark colour. If your urine is completely clear, it’s an indication that either your body isn’t flushing out the toxins quickly enough, or that you’re simply drinking too much water. Your urine should be a slight yellow to indicate that your body is functioning properly, but clear urine can also just mean that you are healthy and getting enough fluids.

Marijuana Fears

Over the years, many fears and “facts” about marijuana come to light. Occasionally they resurface after being dormant for awhile because people feel the need to dig up information that is old, outdated or simply wrong. For example, there’s a common stereotype that anyone who smokes marijuana is lazy and does nothing but sit around and smoke. This couldn’t be any further from the truth, as marijuana actually stimulates your motivation and creative urges. It doesn’t make you lazy, but actually the opposite.

Marijuana has dozens of positive benefits. The only downside is that smoking can often be seen as a bad activity associated with hooligans and lazy folks. But thanks to businesses like marijuanaproducts.com, the use of marijuana for medical purposes is becoming more and more frequent and accepted. It can be used for both recreational purposes and medical purposes, such as helping with memory recall and stress relief.

Everyone Should Take Vitamins

The point of a vitamin (or a supplement, as they are more widely known by) is to fill in the nutritional gaps left by your diet. For example, if you don’t eat enough vitamin C, you need to take vitamin C. If you don’t eat enough fish, then you need to take fish oil tablets. The reason you take these is to meet your recommended daily intake of those minerals and vitamins. If you don’t, then you could start to feel adverse health effects and a reduced immune system.

However, the only reason you take them is to supplement your diet. For example, you shouldn’t skip eating oranges and citrus fruits just because you can take a pill to do it for you. You should always mix your diet and eat a well-balanced set of meals if you want to get the most out of your food.

Having Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight

The simple fact is that food puts on weight, exercise reduces weight. If you don’t exercise, you have to eat less. The reason that people say breakfast helps you lose weight is because it prevents you from getting hungry. When you’re hungry, you’re more likely to binge on foods just to fill the void in your stomach, and you’ll forget all about getting a decent amount of nutrients in.

It has nothing to do with metabolism or preparing your body to lose weight. The simple (and sometimes hard to swallow truth) is that if you skip breakfast, you skip calories. If you skip calories, you lose weight. Once again, the only reason people say eating breakfast helps you lose weight is because you’re less likely to stuff your face with food to “make up” for the lost energy and calories that you are used to eating at breakfast. If you skip breakfast, it could help you shed weight as long as you keep to a strict diet and reduce the amount you eat overall.

Cracking Your Joints Will Cause Pain in the Future

Everyone has done it before. Cracking your knuckles, fingers, whatever joint. For many people, it relieves their stiff joints and gives them a satisfying crunch that makes them feel like their fingers are working properly again. To some people, the sound is simply unbearable and makes them cringe. However, if they tell you that you’re causing damage to your joints or that you’ll get arthritis in the future, you know they’re just repeating information they have been told.

What’s actually happening is that gas bubbles form between the bones of your joints, causing the popping sound that you hear when you crack your joints. It has nothing to do with the bones themselves rubbing against each other or causing damage. If you enjoy doing it and you feel it helps you relieve stress or relax, then keep on doing it. The only time you actually have to visit a doctor for it is if your joints hurt after doing it, or if you experience pain that can be relieved by cracking your jo


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