7 Lifestyle Changes to Deal With Rashes

Rashes cause changes on the skin’s appearance, texture and color. The affected area becomes reddened, inflamed or irritated. It may affect part of the skin or the whole skin surface depending on the intensity. They may also cause dryness, blisters and to the extremes they may be very painful. The causes of rashes are largely differentiated thus the remedies and diagnostic approaches vary. Rashes may be an indication of an underlying medical condition for example measles. Rashes can be caused by lifestyles that affect the skin. Activities we engage in, the foods we take and how we treat our skin determines the health of the skin. Frequently getting contact with water or allergen may cause rashes. Unless the problem is deeply entrenched, you can heal rashes with simple home remedies. The following lifestyles changes should be applied to deal with rashes.

Consumption of food rich in basil and garlic
Natural leaves of basil and garlic are easily available from most local green stores. They consumption is gaining momentum out of their ability to solve most body care issues. These two products have anti-inflammatory and anti microbial properties. To avoid and reduce rashes, one should frequently grind basil leaves and crush them together with garlic cloves. A pinch of pepper and salt would help improve the taste. Coupled with olive oil, this mixture should be applied on the skin as early as when signs of rashes appear. Using basil leaves occasionally saves your skin from rashes. When fighting rashes this cocktail will help reduce the intensity of pain brought about by skin blemishes.

Regular oatmeal baths
Oatmeal has known effects of improving human health. It is also great in treating skin problems and protecting the body from them. After a long day basking, you should try out oatmeal bath to reduce the chances of getting rashes and increase the chances of successfully fighting them. Crushed oatmeal powder should be mixed with lukewarm water. The bath will give your skin rejuvenation and soothes the skin. It is important to note that the oatmeal should be uncooked. If the rashes are intense, you can apply oatmeal paste on the areas that are affected.

Increases consumption of food rich in vitamin E
Avocado is one of the richest sources of vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to have a curing effect to skin rashes. Having food rich in this vitamin makes it an easy thing to deal with rashes. Your diet should not miss tofu, spinach almonds or shrimps to enhance that the supply of vitamin E is steady and constant. This will help in getting rid of rashes on skin top.

Water intake
The basic agent of removing toxic materials in the body is water. When there is adequate water, the body will effectively spell out toxins. When toxic substances build up around body cells they increase the intensity. They may in the long run burst out forming undesirable blemishes and skin rashes. Your lifestyle should feature drinking plenty water regularly. In addition, fruit juices and vegetables hydrates the body thus increases the water levels in the body.

Avoid allergens
Prevention serves as a better body care than cure. All types of skin irritation should be avoided at all costs. Different people are allergic to different substances and foods. When they consume such foods or get into contact with these substances, blemishes are born. Know the foods and substances you are allergic to and avoid them.

Avoid basking in the mid and early afternoon
Those who are fond of sun bathing should avoid basking in the early and mid afternoon. This is because the sun has the strongest ultra violet rays at this time. Ultra violet rays causes inflammations, irritates the skin and finally causes rashes. Appropriate sunscreen should also be sought to protect the skin cells.

Avoid inappropriate lotions
You should only use lotions whose formula of production and content therein you are in doubts of. The beauty industry has brought all kinds, sizes and prices of lotions and applying products. There are unscrupulous traders who do not subscribe to the ethics of production. They include chemicals that are harmful to the body in their products. Product review on what you use, the reputation of the manufacturer and the ingredients therein should form the basis of your use on a beauty product. Some may lead to mild rashes on skin top after use.

Rashes on top of the skin are what no one would fancy. It reduces the levels of self confidence. Our lifestyles should favor the health of our skin. Changing a lifestyle to include and diet or exclude some foods for the well being of the body is therefore a worthwhile sacrifice.


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