7 Things You Must Know About LASIK Eye Surgery

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Written by Aaron Barriga
Are you tired of wearing contact lenses or glasses every single day? Are they a hindrance when you want to go for a swim, play a sport or even watch a 3D movie? If yes, then it is time that you get a LASIK surgery. Millions of people across the globe have undergone this procedure and are enjoying the benefits of LASIK. This eye procedure is getting more and more popular as the eye care technology is expanding.
Here are some facts about the procedure that you need to know:
1. Importance of Pre-surgery Care
You can’t just walk into the hospital and get the surgery done instantly. There are some pre-surgery instructions that must be followed. You must stop using contact lenses 2 weeks before the surgery. The use of make-up, perfumes and lotions is also a strict no-no to reduce the risk of infection before and after the surgery.
2. A Painless Procedure
The thought of someone touching your eyes or a laser going right into your eyes during the procedure is scary and uncomfortable. However, it is a painless procedure and takes just a few minutes. You will be given anesthetizing eye drops so you won’t feel a thing while the procedure is being conducted.
Since it’s painless, you won’t require any pain medication after the surgery but if you need some, you can ask your eye doctor. Remember that it is normal to feel a slight itch in your eyes post-surgery.
3. Contact Lenses vs. LASIK
Did you know that you would be at a higher risk of contracting an eye infection or developing a vision complication from contact lenses as compared to LASIK eye surgery? A study by Casey Eye Institute concluded that the lifetime risk of serious vision loss was three-and-a-half times greater for contact lens users than patients who undergo LASIK. So, the next time you are on the edge, wondering whether to ditch contact lenses and opt for LASIK, don’t think twice. Go for LASIK.
4. A Permanent Solution
LASIK is a permanent solution that makes anatomical changes to the eye, thus ensuring that the improvements made to your vision last for a long time. The surgeon screens your eyes carefully and follows the pre and post-op instructions to the t before starting the surgery. This way the doctor ensures that the surgery is a success and you come out with healthy eyes.
5. Chances of LASIK Complications
You must understand the risks of LASIK, just like any other medical procedure. There are studies showing that serious complications from LASIK procedure are less than 1% of the patient population. In fact, you could sustain a sight threatening infection from contact lenses 400 times more than getting a sight threatening complication from LASIK!
6. Perfect for Fearful Patients Too
The bladeless LASIK surgery is extremely safe and painless, which can be performed while the patients are awake and locally anesthetized. However, it is common for some people to feel nervous about the same. You would think that fearful patients wouldn’t be ideal candidates for LASIK, but that’s an incorrect assumption. If you are uncomfortable staying awake during the surgery, then you can opt for an anesthesia-assisted form of LASIK.
An intravenous (IV) sedation will be administered to you via a small needle inserted in the arm or back of your hand. You will enter a deeply relaxed state and won’t feel a thing during the entire procedure. The anesthesiologist stays close by and monitors your progress throughout the surgery to ensure your safety and comfort.
7. Importance of Post LASIK Care
You must take care of eyes before and after LASIK. You will be given a plastic wrap around glasses for day use. You will have to use plastic eye patches and tape for a week after your surgery to protect your eyes at night and prevent you from rubbing and dislodging the surgical flap. Carry an extra pair of dark sunglasses as everything will be brighter for you after the surgery.
You can definitely expect excellent results with LASIK. It is quite beneficial and doesn’t have any complications. You can finally get rid of your glasses and contact lenses and see the world without any hindrance — literally.

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