How to match different hairstyle with different dresses

While it’s true that fashion and styling these days really knows no trend, no one cut better than the other, and no textile besting the others, there are certain unspoken “rules”. Choose to follow these and you’ll nail your look better and with much more ease than if you decide not to. That’s because just like in designing and architecture, there are simply visual cues that are more pleasing to the eyes — and, you know, the eyes can be tricked so well and so easily.

What hair to wear with every kind of dress
These unspoken rules become even more relevant now that prom season is just around the corner. If you are a teen or have a teenage daughter, it could be the first time ever you or she will be wearing a formal dress and that can be intimidating. That’s why prom nights are big deal because everything from the dress to the shoes and yes, the tresses too must all come together to create a memorable night of transformation.

When it comes to deciding the right hairstyle for your dress type, there are three basic things to consider: how short or long is your hair, how your collar or neckline is cut, and whether or not you are wearing a simple or elaborately styled dress. Here are some tips to know which hairstyle will best fit what you’re wearing:

Tip No. 1: When your dress is showing off your collar bones and neck, open up. When you have a neckline or collar that is off-the-shoulder, sweetheart or straight across, you want to wear your hair up so that you can showcase the pretty cut of your dress.

To do that, you want to pull up your hair in an elegant fashion, such as with a tight or loose bun which then, you can choose to be high, mid or resting on your nape. Alternatively, you may also want a French braid or a reverse of that. Then, you have to choose whether you want all of your clips hidden or, if you’d like to accent your hair with tiny bejeweled clips or, perhaps a chain headband or a tiara.

Tip No. 2: If you’re planning on a high neck or halter dress, open up. Just as in Tip No. 1, when you have a dress that’s already tight on the neck, you want to open up that area to make your look seem more relaxed by putting your hair up. This is also a great cut to be more creative with your hairstyle, like putting one side up and letting your hair down on the other.

Tip No. 3: Simple dresses call for elaborate hair. Embroidered dresses call for simple hair. The point is, you don’t want to overdo it. You have to tone down your hairstyle when you already have a heavily accented dress or else your look will end up screaming all over the hall.

There are exceptions, however. Among the classic picks are Greek goddess inspired long gowns. Since these have been iconically linked to a certain look, retain the simple chic elegance of your dress by pairing it with braided or twisted tresses. Look up hairstyles from “The Game of Thrones” for inspiration.

Tip No. 4: Low neckline dresses appear more elegant with soft curls. Needless to say, this is one hairstyle you can only rock when you have long hair but, if you don’t mind spending a couple of bucks then you can always get hair extensions. Chances are, if your dress has a low neckline then it’s body hugging, tight fitting. Therefore, the soft curls in your tresses will help soften the stiffness of your look. Dyeing your hair light and accenting with highlights is also a good way to brighten up your style.

Tip No. 5: Mini dresses call for daring tresses. If you’re going for a mini then, the hairstyle for this dress type can be the currently well-loved, one-sided corned rows and still look appropriately dressed for the occasion. Your mini dress best fits an edgier attitude so give it what it’s begging for.

Ivana Trump has been tied to the now famous quote, “Gorgeous hair is the best revenge” so go surprise every one of your batch mates by showing up the best styled of the night. Maybe you’ll come home as the Prom Queen, maybe you won’t. In either case, you can always look back to prom night and exhale, “Ooh, was I gorgeous!”


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