Those Big Changes To Your Health Don't Have To Be So Big

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One thing we can all agree on most of the time is that it would be great to feel healthier more often. The truth is, feeling healthier very often comes from making lots of little changes, and yet it can sometimes feel as though these changes don’t do anything at all. Occasionally, you need to make big changes, the kind of changes that really affect your body, your mind, and your life in a positive way. But when it comes to facing up to these challenges, they can often be more than a little overwhelming. In this post, we are going to try and help you get past those kinds of mental block. While it’s true that many of these changes are quite big in scale, if approached in the right way they can quickly seem to shrink - and yet their effectiveness, what they do for you, will be no less incredible. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the big changes you should make this year - and how to make them work for you.

Being Social

The social life ties in with your health in a number of intricate and profound ways. The more social you are, the more likely it is that you are in the right kind of frame of mind to tackle your own health issues (if you have any). If you have come to realise that you should be more social, then it can sometimes be difficult to actually put it into action. But becoming more social can easily be achieved with the right attitude; you just need to take a number of baby steps, and you can be sure that you will soon find yourself surrounded by friends more than ever before. For a starting point, why not try swapping out one home activity for something done out in public? This really could be anything, but if it is something which involves talking to other people then that is much better than something which is more lonesome. A healthier social life has been proven to lead to a more positive self-image, and this is turn means that you are much more likely to take care of your health, so it is clear that taking a stand with your social life is actually quite important. In time, you should find that it becomes more and more easy, so it is worth taking those difficult first steps in order to finally get to that place further down the line.

Keeping Illness At Bay

Nobody likes to get ill, but it is a fact of life that you will experience illness from time to time. But that doesn’t mean that you should resign yourself to the fact and not do anything to change it. You can massively reduce your likelihood of not getting ill by taking some simple steps. Some people these days are using gene editing kits to try and understand what causes certain illnesses, and what can be done about them, but for the average individual this is not an option. If you want to keep illness at bay, there are some basic things you can do starting from today. An obvious, but powerful, one is to eat as much of a varied diet as you can possibly muster. Eating in a varied way is often surprisingly difficult to actually do, but with a little time and patience you should soon find yourself eating right without too much hassle. Another keen aspect of keeping illness away is to make sure you are getting the appropriate amount of exercise for your body type. If you are unsure what amount of exercise is right for you, it is worth carrying out the necessary research first so that you can make your exercise more ideally suited to you. Too little exercise can result in poor health and a higher risk of illness being contracted, but so can too much exercise, so you need to try and find a healthy balance.

Sitting More

This might sound like it doesn’t quite fit with the previous advice, but by sitting here we mean meditation. Whether or not you have tried meditation in the past, you are no doubt aware that it has a number of benefits which anyone can easily benefit from. Again, this is one of those ‘big changes’ which people are often afraid to get into, but in actuality it is quite a simple matter to develop a meditation practice. Above all, what you need to try and foster is patience. The whole irony of this situation is that meditation gives you a greater sense of patience, which is in turn what you need to sit more. But at first, you need to just try and make yourself do it - and this is why you should start relatively small if you want to succeed here. Begin with sitting ten minutes a day - any less is not really worth it - and gradually work your way up to fifteen, and finally half an hour. If you get to the point where you are meditating for half an hour every day, you will already have noticed some profound differences to your life. Meditation, done right, can dramatically alter your life in many positive ways, and it is something which the vast majority of people could benefit from getting into.

Finding The Time To Laugh

As the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine - and it turns out this might not be such an old wive’s tale after all. It has been shown again and again that laughter does literally improve your health in many fascinating ways. If you feel that you do not laugh enough, then you might want to think about changing that. But this is something which can seem like a real mission to change - how do you laugh more? Ultimately, this just means following the advice at the beginning of this article and being more social. The fuller your social life is, the more you will find yourself laughing, and this laughter habit will very soon make you feel a whole lot better in many ways. Laughing is no biggie - just make an effort to connect with people more often.

Limiting Screen Use

The evidence is mounting which suggests that using screens excessively can cause a number of serious problems for your health. Over-use of screens has been strongly linked to poor sleep, poor diet, and depression and anxiety. If you think your screen use could be dialed down a little, then don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by what a big task this seems to be. Yes, screen use is a central part of your life, but there are ways to limit it profoundly. In the evening, why not consider reading a book rather than watching television? You should find that you actually sleep a lot easier if you do that, as the light from screens affects your body’s ability to know it’s time for sleep.


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