Alternative Treatments For Mental Health And Wellbeing

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For good reason, mental health and wellbeing has been taken out of the shadows in recent years, and real emphasis has been placed on it. The taboo is still there, and a lot of people who suffer with a form of mental health issue are still afraid to talk about it, which is part of such an illness. But given the recent focus shift is still relatively new, so are the different forms of treatment. But what seems to be a big change in the times is this idea of prescription based therapy. People who suffer with mental health issues would prefer not to rely on a drug or a pill. Of course, in many cases they work and work wonders, but people are looking for others means of easing their pain. And that is what we are here for. We are here to quickly delve into some of the treatments that sufferers are now using.


As a treatment, acupuncture has been around for centuries and is based on a single underlying principle: illness and/or pain tend to occur when vital energy cannot flow around the body. There is no single reason of what prevents this energy from flowing freely, but it is typically emotional stress, physical stress, infection, injury or an inadequate nutrition, as well as many others. This includes mental illness. As for the treatment itself, acupuncture requires a specialist to insert fine needles into known acupuncture spots around the body. This is meant to trigger your body’s natural ability to recover. Whilst it may seem like an unorthodox treatment, the National Institute For Health And Care Excellence has approved it’s methods in helping lower back pain.



This is the use of essential oils as a means of improving a person’s wellbeing, both physically and mentally. How this works is through completely natural remedies, namely the essential oils produced by plants known to possess therapeutic properties. How these oils are used depends on the therapist, but it will either be through inhalation, massage, creams or adding them to a hot bath.

Therapy Through Doing

These are more experiential means of therapy that are mainly used in severe cases of mental health where the illness has manifested into addiction. Most adventure based therapy concentrates on using physical activities as a means of engaging, challenging and educating sufferers. These activities can range from kayaking to skiing, cycling to walking, but they are each designed to meet the requirements of the individual and work by teaching them skills and lessons that will aid them in their recovery. By proving each person with a bond, something to relate to and strive towards, each person is given a valuable insight that then eases their mental struggles.


Yoga And Meditation

In its most basic form and definition, yoga and meditation are age-old spiritual practises that are designed to increase a person’s awareness and self-knowledge. By doing so, you will be able to perform a degree of self-medication / therapy by freeing yourself from behavioural patterns. 


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