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“If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists.” It was way back in 1999 that Baz Luhrmann sang these words, crooning them out of our car radios and home stereos to a nice melodic backdrop. However, they ring out even truer now than they did back then. As such, we have compiled what we hope will be a gobsmacking article that will stop you even needing to think about the reasons why sunblock is important and just put it on as a natural part of your day.


The Ozone

Scientists, analysts and experts have long been waving their hands in the air; their hands gripping tightly to evidence that proves the ozone layer is depleting. According to these scientists, the cause of this depletion is of course us, and that is because the stratospheric ozone is being whittled away by bromine and chlorine, chemicals that we invented and decided to stick into products. These are we call ODS, ozone-depleting substances. But how does that affect you? Well, the thinner the ozone layer gets and in some places it has gone altogether, leaving nothing more than giant holes) the more the sun’s rays can seep into our atmosphere. These are seriously harmful if not protected against via the use of sunblock. As you’ll find out.

The Harm

Skin cancer is the big one and skin cancer is on the up and up. The most common form of this is melanoma and, what’s more, it is also the most fatal, and that’s because so many victims of melanoma leave it untreated. Of course, you could say that these people should be more thorough when it comes to checking their skin for new moles, but it is far easier to prevent than ais, which is why sun cream could save your life and certainly save you from needing MOHS surgery, which could be the immediate thing that saves your life.

The Vain

You’d still rather burn so that your skin will turn a gorgeous golden brown? Well, that gorgeous complexion won’t last long without sunscreen. The more you expose yourself to the sun without wearing the adequate protection, the more you skin will age. It will wrinkle prematurely, and ask anyone with wrinkled skin whether they would prefer a smooth complexion or a darker tan, and you’ll get a pretty resounding answer.

The Vitamins

This is no excuse. All it takes it regular outdoor activity, which should typically equate to 30 minutes twice a week (with suncream on), for your body to ingest all the Vitamin D it needs to be healthy. What’s more, vitamin D can be found in foods, such as fish, eggs, milk, liver and a ton of other products, especially dairy products. As such, a slight tweak in your diet could account for all of your vit D needs and allow you to protect your skin from the serious danger and even more serious harm. 


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