Bored of Running? Try These Alternative Exercise Methods

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There are plenty of reasons not to exercise: lack of time, not seeing the results you wanted, and simply, finding it boring. It’s understandable if running around your local park or lifting weights isn’t your scene, but the world of exercise is so much broader than you might initially think.

If boredom is keeping you from staying active, then reach out of your comfort zone and try these alternative workout routines.

Martial Arts

If you’re really unsure what type of activity would suit you most, looking into martial arts could provide the answer. There are a broad range of activities, some of which focus on grappling, others on striking, so it’s up to you to investigate what options are available in your local area and get exploring.

Some of the most popular types of martial arts include judo, jiu-jitsu, and Muay Thai. The latter, which is sometimes included in the blanket term “kickboxing,” is great for both self-defense and general conditioning so why not look up where to join a Muay Thai training class today?

Calisthenics Routine

If it’s not boredom that’s preventing people from being active, then the next excuse is often that they don’t have the right equipment.

A calisthenics routine, however, sidesteps this problem by using your bodyweight to help you get fit. To do the full range of exercises you will need access to a pull-up bar, but for the most part activities include crunches, push-ups, leg raises and other exercises that do not require weights. A good calisthenics routine can boost your muscle tone, flexibility and help with weight loss.


Parkour, also known as free running, is a fun way to get fit that certainly provides more thrills than jogging the same old routes. It makes use of the natural obstacle courses that we find around us and involves jumping, climbing and rolling. Parkour is a full body workout, but it also involves a lot of creative thinking, as participants will need to think carefully about each obstacle before taking it on.
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Although it’s often viewed as more of a recreational activity, dancing can certainly help you to burn off the calories. Once again, there is plenty of variety to choose from so don’t be put off if you try a dance style and find that it isn’t to your liking.

Dancing can boost your endurance, strength and coordination, but more importantly than that, it can be a lot of fun and teaches you a new skill that you can use to impress family and friends.


Fencing has been in existence for centuries, with the sport originating from traditional duels. The modern version of fencing, however, is a lot safer, but still provides a competitive element that ensures that participants are kept entertained. Fencing can be used to boost agility, balance and overall fitness, so why not sword-fight your way to fitness?

Although making time to exercise may be a challenge, you are much more likely to if you find an activity that you genuinely enjoy. Try something new for your next workout session and you may just get hooked. 


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