Don't Let Addictive Bad Habits Control You: Take Your Life Back

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You’re sitting at your desk, and all you can think about is having a chocolate donut. There is no other thought that comes to your mind. The donut is taking over your brain. Gradually you find yourself salivating as if the object of your desire were indeed lying in front of you. Your hand is shaking in apprehension. Coworkers are talking to you, but you can’t hear them anymore. You need to get up and buy that donut at the local grocery store. While this might sound amusing, try replacing donut by the name of any hard drug that pops to your mind, and the grocery store becomes the local dealer; suddenly this little story is a lot less charming than it first appeared. This is because addiction is not charming. It’s a very serious condition that needs to be treated on the physical and psychological levels to avoid experiencing damaging withdrawing symptoms and pursuing a maladaptive behavior. There are three main forms of addiction that can are plaguing the modern society: Hard substances, soft substances, and compulsive behavioral habits. 

Hard Substance Addictions 

The hard substance addictions tend to refer more commonly to hard drugs such as opiates. You will find that most addicts are inhabited by the strong desire to kick their habit, but they are experiencing difficulties when it comes to facing the physical withdrawal and addressing the cause of their problems. Indeed, addiction might start as a fun game, but there is a deep psychological issue that forces the patient to fall into an addictive pattern. This first psychological reason needs to be addressed with a therapist in order to resolve it and find alternative patterns of habits. Additionally, doctors recommend best rapid detox treatments to be done as you sleep to avoid the difficulties of withdrawal.

Soft Addictions That Kill You Slowly

Not all addictions are as openly destructive as drugs. Indeed, smoking and drinking are habits that can leave lasting damages when they don’t kill you, but they will take more time to do so. As it is difficult to quit from a day to another, looking for alternatives can help you go through to withdrawal symptoms easily: For example, switching your cigarette for a vape can reduce your nicotine absorption in a healthy manner and help you get rid of tobacco for good at your own pace.

Behavioral Addictions That Make You Asocial

There are new habits that have developed with the modern age, such as a social media addiction. Indeed, social networks are not only omnipresent, but they are working hard to make you stay connected forever. Why? Because your presence is a source of revenue for them. The social media networks have created new behaviors, such as the fear of missing out for example, that forces people to go back and check their favorite networks regularly. Equally important is the fact that social media are now seen as a form of social approval where people judge their merits by the number of likes they get. As a result, people find themselves estranged in a world where technology replaces human interactions.


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