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Your smile is important. Not only does a healthy smile look good on all of those social media snaps, but it also indicates that you have healthy teeth and gums. What’s more, it has been shown that when we meet someone for the first time, we look at their mouth and eyes first, so if you want to make the best first impression possible, and ensure your mouth is healthy, you need to take care of your teeth. Here are some top tips for doing just that:

Correct Brushing


The easiest and most important thing you can do to keep your teeth clean and white is to brush your teeth correctly. When brushing, you should have the bristles at a 45 degree angle close to the gum line, and you should be sure to brush both the surface of the tooth and the gum line.

Both inner and outer surfaces should be brushed back and forth and up and down, to cover all areas and avoid bleeding. Once you’ve cleaned your teeth, you should also brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth to get rid of any lurking bacteria.


I know, I know; flossing is no fun, but it is worth doing it at least once a day before bed, because it will really help to get rid of any food particles caught between the teeth, which can help to avoid staining and rotting.

Give Up Smoking


If you smoke, you are doing your teeth no favours. Nothing discolours the teeth like tobacco, and of course, smoking has some rather more serious side-effects too. So, seek help and give up those cigarettes now!

Curb Your Beverage Addictions

Whether your vice is coffee, soda or alcohol, cutting down on your drinking can have a very positive effect on your teeth. Coffee and tea, in particular can cause a high level of staining if consumed to excess, but the sugar in sodas is also problematic and can lead to cavities. Even alcohol contains stuff that will harm your teeth, so you might want to limit your intake of that too.

Up Your Vitamin and Mineral Intake


Calcium is great for the teeth and bones, and it can be found in a range of foods including, of course, milk, broccoli, orange juice, and cheese. If you want to ensure you get an adequate daily dose of calcium, you could also use a supplement.

Vitamin D is another thing which is vital for the health of teeth and gums. You can get it by spending some quality time in the sun if you live in the right climate, but a supplement is recommended for people who live in less sunny areas.

Consider Dental Implants

If your teeth are already damaged and you have to have one or more removed, you might want to consider using dental implants to get the perfect smile. The cost of dental implants is getting more affordable all the time, and although it sounds scary, if you choose the right dental professional to carry out the procedure, you should have no issues at all.

If you are worried about the health of your teeth, you should make it a priority to visit your dentist as soon as possible. You don’t want to gamble with your smile!


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