Health Kick Horror Show: Why Change Is Good

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It can really be hard to become a healthier person, kick bad habits and change for the better. It can come down to laziness, lack of interest, or down to personal preference, meaning you may enjoy smoking, or the fatty foods too much to give them up. But nobody said it was easy, the lifestyle you need can really hurt your health and even the health of those around you. Starting is the hardest part, but once you begin your journey it’ll only get easier and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards. Here’s how you can kick some of the harder addictions.

The Hard Stuff

The hard stuff being alcohol and drug use. These are the addictions that are probably more dangerous in large quantities than everything else. If you use on a recreational level that isn't severe you may be able to wean yourself off. But some drugs and certainly alcohol can be really hard to kick, so much so in fact that you may need intensive recovery treatment for addiction. Going into rehab or taking the step towards rehab can be a daunting one, but it is nothing but the right thing to do and the experts there can get you better. If you don’t think you have the mental toughness to do it yourself then this is certainly the right way to go.  Once you are done with treatment, it is time to focus and concentrate on organization and cleanliness.  In active addiction, you may have not cared about your surroundings.  


Kicking the habit of smoking can be just as hard as kicking the harder stuff. It is just as dangerous, with thousands of people dying each year. The risk of second hand smoke means it is dangerous for your family as well as yourself, so if that doesn’t motivate you to change then nothing will. With them getting more and more expensive you’ll see your funds being drained at a speedier rate so there really is no time like now to make the change. Luckily, there are huge amounts of products that can help you quit. First, consider vaping. Vapour is bad for you but not as bad as tobacco smoke. If you want to kick the habit entirely then you should consider using pills which contain nicotine and can help you quit, or a nicotine release patch for your arm that slowly drips nicotine into your system and keeps you from craving it throughout the day. They are all viable ways of making you quit smoking.  

Fatty Food

Bad foods aren’t too bad if they are eaten with a sense of restraint and as part of a larger varied diet. But constant consumption can lead to blocked veins and arteries, excessive weight gain, and putting your heart at the risk of heart disease or even heart failure. You’ll be breathless and have way less energy than usual. The way to get over this is by weaning yourself off the bad food. Start slow, supplementing each meal with something healthy. Then before you know it you’ll be supplementing more and more. Pay attention to portion control too and eat more slowly, this way your body can tell you when it is full before you have overeaten. Don’t forget the sugary drinks too. Supplement your CocaCola with Coke zero, the sugarless option. Sure it may not taste as good, but it is pretty close and way healthier.


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