Metal-Men: How Robots Are Taking Over All Industries

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Over the last couple of decades, robots have made loads of appearances in various forms. Of course, the most popular of these are the ones found in factories. But, as technology reaches a peak, people are starting to use robots for much more. Just a couple of years ago a lot of these uses weren’t possible, yet. But, with more computing power than ever, it’s possible for robots to start taking over human tasks. Something that some people find very scary!

Of course, robots have been in factories for years. But, even in the best examples, there was still a lot of human contact in most processes. Now, computers are able to power entire assembly lines. This means that, instead of a group of engineers, you just need one IT savvy member of staff to run a factory. The degree to which factories are being automated varies from company to company. But, some have gotten rid of staff altogether. A recent warehouse has been built by UK-based Ocado. This warehouse uses robots to collect orders and get them ready for shipping. This saves huge amounts of man hours. And, in turn, also saves a large heap of money. Companies just have to invest in the tech, first.

In modern hospitals, you’ll find that robotic surgery options are becoming much more common. These practices involve using robots that are controlled by surgeons, to carry out the work. This has proven to be much safer for patients, for many reasons. Firstly, a robot has the ability to remain completely still for hours on end. And, when they move, it’s much more precise than a human. Along with this, it lowers the amount of staff required for the surgery to take place, which will make it less likely that contamination will occur. Having less staff will also make the surgery cheaper, overall. Lessening the stress it puts on patients after it’s done.

It’s become the dream of big car manufacturers like BMW and Toyota that all of our cars will be able to drive themselves, in the future. With this, the doors have been opened to robots also sharing our roads. These robots will take on jobs in places like carparks and during emergency situations. The current examples are able to be followed by a compatible car, without the driver having to do anything. So, in the near future, you could leave your car to find it’s own space in the car park. This is just one example of how this sort of tech is being used on the roads. So, driving is going to be a very different experience. This tech is just round the corner. And, it’s already proving to be very popular.

Hopefully, this will give you a good understanding of the areas that robots are being used. The future for humans seems to be a life without concern over small jobs. Over time, the jobs that people hate will disappear. If all goes well, this should open the doors for creative jobs that people truly enjoy.


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