Out Of The Frying Pan: Make Your Kitchen More Diet Friendly!

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The day you decide to make a change and get your body into a healthier routine is the day you need to take a look around your kitchen. You need to have a good look at the way things are organised and make a note of the appliances you have and how you use them. Believe it or not, your kitchen could be impacting your health, and not because of pests or hygiene either. You need to make your home friendly to your new lifestyle and that starts with the kitchen.

Are you the proud creator of the best chips in your family? Do you make them with the deep fat fryer requiring half a litre of oil with every use? Then it’s likely your diet isn’t the best. You want to be able to walk into your kitchen and use things that encourage healthy living and deep fat fryers and convenient microwaves for ‘ping’ meals are not the way to go. You could be heading to the gym four times a week but if you still deep fry your food, you’re not going to get anywhere. How can you make your kitchen work better for your health? Check out our handy tips below.

  1. Use your fridge door as your motivational tool. No, really. Pinning photos of yourself at the weight you’d like to be, or of inspiring celebrities can help you stop picking at the food when you’re not even hungry. Give yourself that motivation to be who you want to be!
  2. If you are the only person in your home who is cutting down to look their best, have a dedicated cupboard for treat foods for the family and vow not to go in there. Lock and key if you have to, but keep those snacks out of the way.
  3. Swap out the deep fryer and microwave for brand new appliances: convenience food shall no longer have a place in your house. Halo fryers that use one tablespoon of oil per use instead of a deep fryer. Invest in a juicer for your morning shot of goodness and check out http://www.juicercruiser.com/centrifugal-juicer-reviews/ for inspiration on the best juicer to go with for you.
  4. Start using smaller plates for your meal. It’s all perception; eating small portions on a small plate makes it look like a big portion. Tricking your mind is a good way to trick your stomach, so don’t discount using those side plates that are usually used for extra toast.
  5. Keep the kitchen clean and you keep yourself busy. You’ll feel proud to cook in a beautifully clean area rather than chucking the latest ready meal in the microwave.

Your kitchen can help when it comes to your diet and making the right changes here can make all the difference to your life. Stay away from eating in front of the television and invest in a proper dining table. You won’t mind spending pounds on your kitchen as the pounds start falling off you in sync! 


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