Recovery 101: Give Your Body A Boost After Winter

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Finally the first signs of spring have arrived, we are well on our way into March and everything is starting to look a little lighter and brighter, however winter takes its toll on our bodies and after fighting a thousand bugs that the season throws at us, it can leave our immune system and our bodies feeling a little weak and exhausted.  Time for a body boost!

Spring is known as a season for cleaning.  Sorting out the house and setting the first new season of the year, off to a fresh start.  This should extend to your body too.  Taking stock of your health is a really easy thing to do and now is the ultimate time, especially if you want to be your best come summer!

Taking a quick detox is a great way to boost your intake of vegetables and fruit and take pressure off of your digestive system.  We aren’t suggesting embarking on one of these juice only diets, which can often make you feel grotty and tired.  Instead look at taking a weekend to really go easy on your stomach.  

Replacing breakfast with a vegetable-packed juice will give you a quick smack round the face of minerals and vitamins that are vital for your body.  If you have eaten a light meal the night before then it will help wake up your digestive system without adding a bulk of, hard to break down, foods to work through.  This will help your body to process some of the toxins and give your stomach lining a bit of a boost if it has experienced one of the dreaded winter vomiting bugs.  Replace your usual lunch with a delicious salad with added avocado and lots of tomatoes, cucumber and even a few grapes but avoid any meat, breads, nuts or seeds.  By the time dinner arrives you can add a little fish or poached chicken and bags of steamed vegetables.  Think clean and green for a couple of days and you will give your body a boost of energy and the ability to focus that energy on kicking out the toxins.

It’s a good time to consider upping your skin care regime too.  Having a good moisturiser over the winter months was probably high on your skin care priorities.  You probably know how brilliant vitamin C is for your body but did you realise it is deeply beneficial for your face.  Finding the best vitamin C serums to suit your skincare routine can help repair damage caused by the sun and restore a natural glow to tired a tired looking face. It’s also worth taking a supplement with your diet too for an extra boost from the inside.

Of course one of the best things you can do for your body is to get enough sleep.  Whilst our bodies are resting it is repairing, so try and kick start the year with a few more early nights and a few less distractions before bedtime. You will soon be feeling the benefits and bouncing out of bed, looking like a new person!  


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