Tips To Make This Valentine's Day Memorable

Valentine day is one of the most special holidays for people around the world. It does not matter who spend it with i.e. whether it is your family immediate or extended or that special person you have been eyeing for a long time or not, it’s significance still remains the same. You still have to look and appear beautiful or as dashing as possible. With the right fashion sense i.e. clothes and the right makeup and skin care routines, you might just pull off the best look of the year. However, it is up to you to ensure that your valentine day remains memorable for the rest of the year. Here are some tips on how yo ensure this happens for both you and your partner or family.

Planning In Advance

Valentine requires a lot of input especially if it is intended to be a memorable one. If planning to have an event or taker your loved one’s out, it is important to set the plans in motion long before the date is here. Plan for what you are going to wear from your head to the toes and ensure you even select your Valentine’s Day makeup. This is mainly because makeup accentuates and brings out the best features on us if selected well. In addition, planning in advance ensures all plans are smoothly executed unless there is a situation that is beyond your control and ensures that you don’t have to rush to plan everything out in rush. Furthermore, not being worried about valentine day’s event offers you the best chance to look fabulous and appear as beautiful and handsome as you want for your loved ones.


Gifts given to your partner or family should be unique. Any specific person can purchase a simple gift or flower and give it to those that we love. However, these gifts are not as special as giving yourself to your partner or family as a gift. The next question you might be asking yourself is how to gift yourself as a gift; well the first step if by giving your undivided attention to them. Ensure you see and recognize the simple details that make you love them or engage in simple actions that you haven’t done in a while e.g. holding hands, engaging in a smile or a laugh or two etc. make them fall in love with you all over again.

Setting The Valentine Day Mood

The mood is everything and without it, the meaning of this spectacular day is lost. Wearing the best outfit and ensuring you execute a flawless Valentine's Day makeup will not resuscitate the meaning and set the mood right. Therefore, participating in activities that you both love e.g. long walks, candlelit dinners, cuddling etc will help you set the mood right. Use these activities to show them how much you love them and how special they are to you and be assured that this will be a memorable day for the rest of their lives.


Many people especially partners and couples expect great things on this special day. They even prepare for it in advance and the way you deliver your gift means a lot to them. To ensure what you deliver is unique, deliver the gift in form of a surprise. Do the extra-unexpected thing in your event and it is a guarantee that your loved ones will never forget this specific day. In addition, ensure you are unique in your day’s activities and participations leading up to the surprise.

I Love You

In some cases, the surprises, the gifts and earlier planning are not needed. Wearing that beautiful dress and applying a killer Valentine's Day makeup makes no difference if you don’t tell your partner or your loved ones those three words. Doing so in the morning before heading to work, during the day and in the evening reminds them that they are special and are loved. In addition, it is a cheaper means of having a wonderful valentine day with your loved ones.


As we move towards valentine day, it is important to know those people that matter to you and whose happiness you have to guarantee. Sometimes we are not sure of who it is we want but wanting to spend this wonderful day together we them, it shows our affection and provides a fresh platform for your love to grow as a family or as couples or partner in life. Follow the above tips if aiming for a wonderful valentine day with your loved ones and do not forget to share the love. After all, this is holiday named and designed to nurture and grow love amongst people.


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