7 Ways To Fight Against Weight Gain During Cold Weather

how to Avoid winter weight gain

Winter is the perfect season for delicious foods, holiday gatherings, Christmas gifts and of course, weight gain! Yes, this festive season can bring joy to our hearts and unwanted pounds in our tummies. Much as we would love to indulge and enjoy all the delicious foods and drinks that come with the arrival of this holiday season, we should practice self-discipline and self-control so we can avoid seeing that needle on your weighing scale to go in the direction where you don’t want it to go. But is having discipline and control enough to keep winter weight gain at bay? Of course, not. There are plenty of reasons why we tend to gain weight during this season. So to help you avoid this dreaded situation, we have highlighted a few tips below. Here are some of them:

1. Join Fitness Classes.

We know that it is extra difficult to find the motivation to work out during winter mainly because of the cold and gloomy weather as well as our messed up hormones. However, exercising is still one of the best ways on how to avoid winter weight gain, and we have found a simple solution to this—make your workouts social. You can try joining a fitness class where you will be sweating out with lots of other people. Since these classes allow you to socialize with other people, you can keep depression and anxiety at bay. Plus, it will make your workouts more exciting, giving you more reasons to move it.

2. Use Applesauce Instead Of Cooking Oil.

During winter, we crave for something greasy or in short, comfort foods—fried chicken, fries and many more. And even if you go for baked comfort foods, it may still have too much oil that can make you gain weight. One great way to remedy this is to replace cooking oil with applesauce when you are baking. You may now know this, but this simple substitute can make all the difference. Trust us, it does!

3. Eat More Protein.

Many people think that carbohydrates can make them fuller faster but the truth is, this nutrient can be easily metabolized by the body, causing you to be hungry sooner and making you crave for more. The best type of nutrients to consume if you wish to find a way on how to avoid winter weight gain is proteins. If you don’t; trust us, there is actually a scientific basis for this. According to some studies, boosting your protein intake by 15 percent will allow you to cut your intake by about 440 calories.

4. Swap Your Crabs

Of course, you would have to consume carbohydrates at some point. This is inevitable, but you should be wise about it. Many nutritionists recommend allotting only about 20-30% of your plate for carbs. In short, you can’t eat all the carbs that you want—you just have to choose which carbs you want the most.

5. Eat Fats That Trim.

Contrary to popular belief, there are some good fats. In fact, there are some fats that are good enough to help you lose weight. This is because healthy fats allow your body to absorb the vitamins that your nervous system needs, improving your mood. When you are in a better mood, you will be able to make healthier choices, and you can avoid winter weight gain.

6. Resist The Urge For a Repeat Performance.

Yes, the foods in the party you are in are delicious, and yes, they deserve a repeat performance but please stop and think about this—does your body need it? Will it be beneficial to you if you go back to that buffet table? Will a second round be worth the weight that you will gain during this season? No, of course, not.

7. Bring Something Healthy To Your Gatherings.

Most of the dishes that you will find in parties are laden with calories, grease, sugar and other unhealthy items. But please do not let these dishes ruin your sexy figure and healthy weight. The best thing that you can do is to bring something healthy everytime you go to parties. In this way, you will have a healthy option amidst the greasy and sugary dishes that are on the buffet table.

There is more to winter weight gain than you think you know. Understanding all the possible causes of weight gain during winter is a great start in protecting yourself from this health problem.


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