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Exercise is an important thing in our lives. If we don’t exercise we become unfit and unhealthy. This is not a route you want to take so don’t be a slouch on the couch. If you want to start exercising it is a lot easier if you have a gym buddy or just a friend who you can workout with.

It is very hard to get motivated to do any exercise if you aren’t in a routine already. Just having any will power at all is key to getting active. It isn’t just a physical process but also a mental process. You need to be in a mindset where you can push yourself to do something.

If you workout yourself, it is easier to give up. For instance, if you’re lifting a set of weights you set yourself a goal or if you’re doing push-ups. After so many reps you will give up. If you had another person there with you they can shout at you or tell you to keep going and it motivates you. Adrenaline is important to push yourself further than you would normally go.


When exercising make sure you warm up as your muscles will be working tirelessly. If you don’t warm up properly or even at all, you could risk an injury which could be minor or if you’re not lucky enough, major.

Even when you warm up injuries can still occur. If you go on a run you will obviously be using your feet. Some people get a minor injury called “flat feet”. This is when you’re either walking or running and the ankle rolls. If you do suffer from flat feet you can get some treatment for ankle pain if your ankle rolls.

Despite the fact that injuries do occur it doesn’t halt the idea that exercising is good for you. As long as you look after your body you should have no problem with injuries.

Once you are in a routine it is actually harder to stop because your brain is processing what to do on a regular basis. You start to schedule what to do on Monday, then Tuesday, maybe a rest day, then back to it the day after. Scheduling your routine proves more successful than without one.

This goes the same for your diet as well. Your fitness doesn’t rely most on exercise but your diet. Most people don’t realise why they put on weight because they are immersed in their routines they have been stuck in for years. If this is your case take a step back and think, what am I eating throughout the day? How much am I eating through day? Can I change this routine for the better?


Many people don’t think about this but it’s more obvious when you actually think about it. Also after a workout don’t reward yourself with a “treat” because you’ve worked out. Just think that you’ve done an hour of exercise for nothing because of eating that chocolate bar. That’s another example of how mentally prepared you need to be when it comes to your health.

The idea of exercising is to set your goals. If you’re running you could set yourself to be able to run 10km in a few months or if you’re lifting weights, set a rep score and then try to beat it. As long as you set yourself goals you can push yourself. If you fail your goal it’s no hard luck. Just keep at it and stay healthy.


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