Change Eating Habits: Fail Proof Way to Serve Perfect Portions

Cooking may feel like a chore for many.  Not enough time to prepare the meal can be the culprit.  To be honest, I only enjoy cooking when there is extra time to spare, which often equates to the weekends. Then there is the struggle of how much food to purchase? What ingredients to keep on hand? And, what if it spoils and goes to waste?  I've recently taken on a different approach.  Over the past couple of months, I have decided to change my eating habits and stick to healthier foods and portion control, with help of course. I consider it my fail proof way to serve perfect portions.  Portion control has helped me lose and maintain a healthy weight in the past.    

This new method has not only brought healthier solutions to my household, it has allowed me to figure out the proper amount of food to purchase when food shopping and to avoid purchasing too much food that would potentially go to waste. Finally, it gives my boyfriend and I some quality time in the kitchen.    

I began using Home Chef.  Home Chef is meal delivery service. Home Chef pre-packages fresh ingredients that are perfectly portioned. No weighing and minimal measuring.  The food delivery comes with step by step recipes and all the ingredients required to make meals for a specified amount of people. The user is able to make a food profile with dietary preferences on the Home Chef website. NO WASTED FOOD.  At first, like many, I was nervous about having fresh vegetables, dairy products, and meats delivered to my doorstep.  I am very picky when it comes to choosing produce and meats. Home Chef delivery is well packaged, on ice, and arrives on time in an insulated box. The meats are sealed.  I have not had any quality issues with the food.  

When deciding to write this post, I wanted to inform my readers of the importance of choosing healthy alternatives, as well.  One of my favorite meals is the Butternut Squash Turkey Chili (pictured above).  Beans are eliminated from this chili recipe.  Beans tend to be extremely inflammatory and are said to increase inflammation in the GI tract and intestines. Squash, on the other hand, is an extremely beneficial vegetable packed with Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants. Squash is a healthy choice alternative that tastes delicious, too.  The entire meal tastes, healthy.  You must try it for yourself.   

Pictured below is an additional meal that we recently enjoyed - 

Each meal has a perfect portion of meat or fish, starch, and vegetables.  There is also a vegetarian option.  Home Chef is fun.  I have learned some simple cooking techniques, like roasting garlic. The entire Home Chef experience has been beneficial and tasty. It saves time by delivering healthy meals directly to your doorstep.   To join Home Chef, there are no membership fees or obligations. It's simple and straight-forward.  You can receive 2 to 8 meals depending upon your needs and also skip a week or more, without incurring charges. You cook the meals on your own, no frozen produce, only FRESH choices.  

Order today & receive $30.00 off your first order. Use the following referral link:  Save $30.00 today.

Let me know if you decide to order. 

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Please note that this is not a sponsored post nor paid advertisement.  The writer enjoyed the Home Chef service and shared the information on this personal blog for her readers.  


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