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These days, there is no shortage of sports activities to help people stay in shape and have some fun while doing so. Arguably one of the oldest examples is swimming and is a pastime enjoyed by millions of us around the world. Even if you don’t live in a coastal area, there will still be opportunities to go swimming in your spare time.

If you’ve never been swimming before, is it something that you should consider taking up? In short, the answer is yes! Here’s why:

It’s a pastime open to everyone

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man, woman, or child. Swimming is something that is open to everyone regardless of their gender or age. Plus, it’s also an accessible sport - meaning that many disabled people can also enjoy swimming too.

Parents with young babies and toddlers can also go and swim together, making it an activity that all the family can enjoy.

There’s an array of water-based sports you can participate in

Some people assume that going into a body of water is only about swimming from one point to another. The thing is, there are scores of water-based sports that you can enjoy in the pool or in the sea!
For example, you could do long-distance swimming. Or you can get up on a surfboard and hit the waves at your local beach. And if you wanted to improve your balance, why not try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding? You’ll need an SUP leash for the latter, of course, so that you don’t lose your board in the sea!

Swimming is good for the heart

As with most other physical activities, swimming is an excellent way to keep your heart healthy. That’s because it provides unparalleled cardiovascular conditioning! When you go swimming as part of an exercise regime, you keep your body in tip-top condition and have a higher chance of leading a long and healthier life.

The water helps to relax your muscles

When you’re in a heated swimming pool, you can use it to carry out some stretching exercises. Why is that better than doing so on dry land, you might be wondering? Well, because your muscles get relaxed by the warm water, your body is more flexible.

If you’re training for a major sporting event, such as a marathon, swimming and stretching in warm water helps you prepare for it.

It’s a fun activity to do with your friends

Let’s not forget about the social benefits that swimming brings us as well as the health ones! Whether you and your friends meet at a local pool or at the beach, swimming is a brilliant way for you all to socialize and have fun together!

Swimming helps you lose weight

Last, but not least, perhaps the most obvious advantage of swimming regularly is that you lose some weight! Even if you spend an hour each week at your local pool, you’ll soon notice the pounds dropping off your body!

So, when will you start swimming?


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