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We all know we should be exercising every day, no matter what the weather is like. But you have to admit, finding motivation when it’s cold and rainy can be extremely difficult! When the sun comes out, and it warms up outside, it’s so much easier to get out there and work your body. If your exercise routine has slipped in the last few months, now is the time to get back on it. Whether you want to look your best for an upcoming vacation, feel fantastic in swimwear or just feel healthier- here are some outdoor activities you could try!


What better way to enjoy the warm weather than to grab your surfboard and hit the waves? Surfing works out your entire body, tones and improves your balance too. Even if you’re a novice, trying out some basic techniques out on the water is still fantastic exercise. Just paddling your surfboard out into the water is fantastic for both strength and fitness. You could try a class if you’re new to the sport and build up your skills over the summer. If you live in a colder area or you want to get out on the water now before the weather has warmed up properly, a wetsuit will help keep you warm and allow you to get out there!


Volleyball is another fantastic workout, it’s easy to find outdoor nets at most sports centers, so you get to play outside! You get the benefit of strengthened arms, legs, and core as well as getting an awesome cardio workout for your heart and lungs. It’s a high impact sport so wearing the best volleyball shoes you can afford will provide sufficient support and grip. For even more of a challenge, how about beach volleyball? With the sand being unstable under your feet you have to work harder to keep balanced and stable.

You could look for an outdoor pool local to you, or swim in the ocean! This is a fantastic way to exercise on very hot days, since the water keeps you cool and you don’t have to worry about getting stick and uncomfortable. Swimming tones and sculpts just about every muscle in the body, and also gives you an incredible cardiovascular workout too so it’s one of the best activities you can do. Plus it’s good for those with back or joint problems since it’s low impact and the water supports your weight. Swimming is great for any time of year, but when it’s warmer you can enjoy swimming outdoors, or even if you go to an indoor pool you don’t have to worry about getting freezing cold when you get out!


Running outside when the weather is nice is so much better than using a treadmill at a stuffy gym. You have the breeze to cool you down, gorgeous views and fresh air. Going on a run at 7am when it’s cold, rainy and miserable takes some serious determination. However when it’s bright, crisp and clear it’s so much easier to get yourself out of bed and just go! It’s an excellent start to your day- it wakes you up, fires up your metabolism and gives your brain a boost of happy chemicals. So set that early alarm and get yourself out there, you’ll thank yourself later!

Hikes, Bike Rides and Dog Walks
Mild weather gives you the opportunity to get out there and explore your surroundings. Fields, woods, lakes, caves, mountains- whatever you have close by go and take a look! The best thing about hikes and bike rides is they’re suitable for all the family (if you don’t choose terrain that’s too challenging) so you can go on a family day out or just take your dog. You’ll get your leg muscles working, strengthen your back and core and burn calories too but in a more gentle way than going for a run. You could pack a picnic and make a day of it. Bring some binoculars for bird watching and a camera for scenic photos too- what better way to spend a nice day?


You could arrange a game of basketball at an outdoor court with friends, most recreation and sports centers have these as well as public parks. The running up and down is the perfect way to burn off calories. Alternatively, if you wanted to take it a little easier, you could casually shoot some hoops which is still another good form of exercise. You’ll workout your arms and shoulders, cardiovascular system and improve your coordination too. You could even drill up a hoop outside your home, and practice whenever you’re at a loose end.

Games at The Park
Anything that gets your body moving is good exercise. It doesn’t have to be a set ‘sport’, simply playing some simple games at the park is a fantastic way to get your heart pumping! You could set up a game of rounders of cricket with friends and family. You could kick a football around, throw a Frisbee or even throw a tennis ball for your dog to chase. Lace up your sneakers and head out to the park if you’re bored. No matter what you decide to get up to, you’ll get some fresh air and will be burning far more calories than you would at home!

Yoga is great for both mental and physical health. This calming practice can help to teach you the art of mindfulness, and it also helps to stretch and strengthen your body. You could take your yoga mat to the beach or even out in your garden and enjoy practice in the warming sunshine. If going on a run isn’t your favorite way to start your day, yoga might be. It will start your day off on a good foot, leaving you feeling positive and energized.

What activities do you usually do to keep fit in the summer? 


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