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Everyone’s been to a bad gym, right? But how many people have been to a really good gym? You may enjoy your gym, but is it because it’s genuinely great, or because it “isn’t bad”?

As a gym owner, you need to ensure that your customers, as well as your prospective customers, are enamored with your gym. This is how you do it!

A quick note: acquisition vs retention

A lot of gym owners go about increasing revenue by aiming to acquire new customers. While this is, of course, very important, your aim should be to retain the ones you already have. Your business model requires customers to swing by often; or, at the very least, be satisfied enough with your service that they keep allowing their money to go to your every month. This should be the ultimate goal of upgrading your gym!

Friendly and attentive staff

One of the best ways to ensure people keep coming back to your gym is to make sure customers actually like the staff there! If your staff are friendly, then they seem more welcoming. They should also be knowledgeable. If the customer has a question, then the staff member should be able to answer that question without a problem. Your staff also need to be trained very well, so that they can spot potential problems in the gym and tackle the issues straight away.

New equipment

The main reason that people who want to get fit decide to get a gym membership is because they want access to your equipment. So the gym equipment that you have on-site is, of course, extraordinarily important! Having the basics, such as treadmills, cross-trainers, and weights, may not be enough when you consider the competition. You could get equipment for sporting activities such as basketball, or simply upgrade some of the equipment you already have. Just remember that the equipment at your gym is often the aspect that potential customers consider the most when they’re picking a gym.


When customers hit a workout plateau, what they need to do is mix things up a little. And one of the best ways to do that is learn a new skill or take on some new form of exercise. Holding classes and/or workshops at your gym is one of the best ways to tend to this need and bring in some additional revenue. Make sure you keep these classes open to people who don’t even have a membership to your gym. (Though, of course, you may want to consider charging them a little more, otherwise those with memberships may feel that they’re being ripped off!)

Additional services

For example, you could hire a freelance nutritionist. This provides an additional and very popular service to your gym members. If you make sure that the need to be vigilant about nutrition while working out is highlighted to your members, then you could find that a nutritionist service could bring a healthy new revenue to your gym. Massage therapy is something else you could consider. After all, you need to keep those muscles flexible and durable while you’re increasing their mass! And if you really want to go the extra mile, you could consider introducing childcare facilities. This can really help keep the business of busy parents who need time to work out.


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