The Steps To Take To Stick To An Exercise Routine

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If you have it as a goal to get fitter and to exercise more, then you’re not alone. Many people do set that as a goal for themselves. But that is what it stays at for many people; just a goal. In order to make the exercise routine stick so that you can actually get fitter and healthier, then you need to make your exercise work for you. If you don’t, then there is no way that you’ll stick with it. Even with the best of intentions. So here are some ways that you can make you routine stick and work on achieving your goals.


Make It Fun

If you dread going out for a workout or dread going to the gym because it is hard and dull, then you’re not going to carry on with it for much longer in most cases. So make sure that you choose an exercise that you enjoy. Make it fun! You could look for Zumba workout at the gym center, for instance, or go bicycling with some friends. Make it social if that is what you enjoy. Make it competitive if that is what you enjoy. Just make sure that it is suited to you and you’re way more likely to stick at it.

Schedule It In

We all lead busy lives. So if there is an excuse to drop something from our schedule, then would you take it? The chances are that a workout would be pretty high on that list to drop things too. So make sure that you make time to exercise and schedule it in. Then it makes it much harder to avoid. It can help to schedule it to make sure that there is childcare in place, for example, too.

Embrace the Aches and Pains

If you are quite new to exercising, then you might not be used to the aches and pains that might come after a workout. DOMS, or delayed onset of muscle soreness, is a very real thing. It usually occurs the day after or even two days after. But it is a good thing! It shows you have been working hard and making changes to your body and your strength. So don’t be put off by it. Use it as a reason to do some gentle stretching or yoga. But don’t let it stop you from exercising; embrace it.

Take Small Steps

It is a good idea to take small steps when it comes to an exercise routine. You might have grand goals of running a marathon or getting a 10k in a specific time. But it will take time to get to there. Don’t try and do it all and day one, and then be disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Set some smaller goals and go from there. You are much more likely to achieve the larger goals when you get there through smaller ones.

Are there any tips that you would add to the list or that have worked for you to help you stick to a routine?


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