The Tooth Exposed: The Dangers Of Missing Dental Check-Ups

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It’s recommended that you pop to see your dentist once every six months for a dental check-up, to ensure that your teeth and gums are as healthy and happy as possible. Although a lot of people do go for check-ups on a regular basis, there are a lot of us that skip dental appointments and put our dental health to the back of our minds. The reason that we skip dental check-ups depends on a range of factors, these include not being able to afford dental care, not having the time for an appointment, and not wanting to go due to dental fear or anxiety.

The fact is that there really is no reason to skip a dental check-up, as they are recommended every six months for a reason. By staying on track with your dental check-ups, you can ensure that your mouth, teeth, and gums are kept healthy and happy. Still not convinced to make that appointment to see your dentist? Then have a read of the reasons below to book your next check-up now… 

Problems can be caught early

One of the main reasons to visit the dentist on a regular basis, like the experts at recommend, is because any problems can be caught early. The fact is that when it comes to dental problems, the longer they are left, the worse they get and the more difficult to treat they become. However, by going for a checkup every six months, you can ensure that any problems are caught early and can be treated immediately, preventing further problems.

You can preserve your teeth

Do you want to be one of the millions of seniors who end up with dentures? No - then you need to see your dentist regularly. By going for regular check-ups, you can preserve your teeth and ensure that your risk of losing teeth is as low as possible. Plus, you can save yourself money, as dentures and dental implants are expensive. So it’s worth paying for a dental check-up.

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You can reduce your risk of oral cancer

Did you know that going for dental checkups isn’t just about keeping your teeth and gums healthy, it’s also important for reducing your oral cancer risk? Studies have shown that people who take care of their teeth and go for regular dental check-ups have a much lower risk of developing oral cancer. To learn more about preventing oral cancer, sites like can be useful resources to use.

You will have a bright, beautiful smile

Teeth that are stained or damaged can not only impact your appearance but also your self-confidence. Do you want to feel embarrassed to smile? No - then it’s important to go for regular dental check-ups, to keep your teeth looking bright and beautiful. Then there’s the fact that if you don’t go for check-ups, you could end up losing teeth, reducing your confidence even more, as well as impacting what you can and can’t eat.

A trip to see the dentist may not be your favorite pastime, but the fact is that it’s a necessary health check that you need to go for. Do you really want to end up with yellow, stained, or missing teeth? No - the make sure to stay up to date when it comes to your dental check-ups. 


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