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There are very few people who are truly happy with how they look or with their personal fitness level.  Even those of us who spend hours in the gym are pushing the boundaries to achieve a better body or a higher level of fitness.  Just because someone may seem confident in themselves doesn’t mean they aren’t looking in the mirror wanting to shave a few inches off or tighten up their abs.

Confidence is a really important key to a happy life.  This isn’t just about confidence in our looks, it means the complete package.  Accepting your flaws and knowing that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to means you will live a more successful life.  We are all capable of it.  

The weight loss industry is huge and that is down to the fact that so many of us are desperate to find that one secret formula which will help us ditch the pounds.  However listening to 101 diet myths isn’t going give you the results you need.  No matter how many quick fix diets you have tried, you are never going to achieve the body you want.  The reason for that is that weight loss has a very basic formula and without it, you might lose weight but you will eventually pile it back on.

So, what is this formula? Well, you aren’t going to like it.  The formula for long-term weight loss is simple.  Eat less and move more.  That’s it.  

Of course, as with all formulas, there are lots of different variations.  You can lose weight simply by eating less.  By working out the calories needed by a person of the weight you want to be, then sticking to that, you will eventually get down to your goal weight.  However, if you are losing a lot of weight then you may find your new body is a little saggier than you would like.  It can then be really hard to tone it all up.  

You can also lose weight through exercising hard, however this can just build muscle on top of fat making you look much bigger than you were in the first place.  

The foolproof way to lose weight is to cut the calories, eat healthy food.  Eat small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism working and to get active.  Either through swimming, running or spending time in the gym.  Weight lifting is a brilliant way of improving your muscle tone and keeping your skin tight as you reduce in size.  

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Well, it isn’t easy.  Managing what you eat and finding the time and energy to hit the gym is what makes it so hard to have the body you dream of.  However, if you really want to achieve your goal, you will.  Work hard, stay focussed and reward yourself for the small steps.  Don’t aim for the big weight loss.  Know where you want to be then work towards it with smaller steps.  

You’ll get there! With hard work and dedication. 


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