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Keeping on top of your training regime can be hard at times. Hitting the gym every few days can sometimes seem like a bit of a drag. Especially if you are always doing the same exercises. Let's face it, basic cardio and weight training aren’t the most exciting things to do, and they can get a bit boring after a while. That doesn’t mean you need to stop training, though. There are plenty of alternatives out there that will give you the same results, while at the same time, being a bit more fun.

Hula Hoops

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The Hula Hoop is usually thought of as a kids toy from the nineties, but it is actually a brilliant, if underused, fitness tool. Hula Hoop workouts have been gaining popularity in the last few years because they are great fun and give your body a good all-round workout. You could burn up to 250 calories in a half an hour workout and it will work your thighs, glutes, abs, and arms all at once. You might want to try this one at home to avoid embarrassment.  


No, I don’t mean surfing at the beach. I mean indoor surfing. By balancing a surfboard on some exercise boards, you can mimic the movements of the ocean. You can imitate the movements of a real surfer, which is very beneficial, particularly if you want to work on your core muscles. Indoor surfing workouts can be tailored towards different areas, some focussing on muscle building, and others on cardio. So, if you enjoy it, you can use indoor surfing to give you a complete body workout. 

Martial Arts

Martial arts and Kickboxing offer some of the best workouts out there. They combine intense cardio with strength training to work every last muscle in your body, so there’s no need to accent these workouts with other training sessions. It is also more interesting than standard exercise because you will be learning new moves all the time, giving you a real sense of progress and offering a different workout every time. You can find plenty of free Kickboxing workouts online that you can do at home, but it is best to find a gym where you can get expert advice.

Kangoo Jump Shoes


If you aren’t bothered about looking stupid, then Kangoo Jump Shoes can add a new level to any cardio workout that you might be doing. The shoes are spring loaded and can double the amount of resistance that you experience, making your standard workout a lot harder. They are also good for the older generation as they reduce stress on the joints. You can see them in action here.

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing might have some bad associations but it is in fact one of the best workouts out there. The dancing provides good cardio, this is then combined with suspension on the pole which is just about the best way to tone all of your muscles. As you progress you will be able to hold yourself in more and more difficult positions, and see real progress in muscle strength.

Why not give some of these alternative workouts a try, to keep things interesting when you’re training?


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