You Are What You Drink

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When we think about getting fit or being healthier, a lot of what is mentioned is relevant to what we eat. We often hear that abs are made in the kitchen or consuming a certain amount of calories is the only way to lose weight. You are what you eat is another common phrase that we hear. But what about you are what you drink? Does that make much of a difference?

First of all, we need to talk about water. That has got to be one of the best things for our bodies to consume. We are made up of water. So we do need water to be able to function at our best. So we need to make sure that we drink plenty of water each day. Dehydration can make you very ill. And it is obvious why! We need water to be able to function correctly and for our bodies to work as they should. You’ll have more energy when you are fully hydrated too. People often think that if they are having diet soda that has no calories that it must be similar to water. Or they have water with some fruit juice in. But our bodies don’t treat water filled with something as water. It gets digested as food. So as well as other drinks that you might like, you do need to have plenty of water by itself. Just pure water.


Many people like to have tea and coffee to drink. In moderation, they do have their place. But things like lattes and cappuccinos are full of milk that can be quite calorific. Do you really want to be drinking your calories? There has been a big switch in tea drinking, especially for people wanting to be healthier. Things like green tea and matcha are very popular. The reason being that they are much better for you than regular tea leaf. They have many more powerful antioxidants in them, much like the ashitaba plant which is becoming popular to put in drinks too. So if you do like to have a hot drink but are looking for a healthier option, then one of those might be a better option for you.

Juices and smoothies can sometimes get a bit of bad press. Smoothies can be quite sugar-laden, even though they contain natural sugar. But you would never normally consume that much fruit by eating it in one sitting. Which is why smoothies need to be mixed up with more vegetables like carrot juice, or blended with kale and spinach. Then you can reduce your fructose intake.

Finally, we need to talk about soda drinks. If you refer back to the ‘you are what you drink,’ then they should be avoided. The regular soda versions are really full of sugar. The diet versions are really full of chemicals. Do you want to be full of sugar or chemicals? My guess is no. So look for healthier options or alternatives, such a sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon, for example.


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