You're Ill, but Do You Really Need a Doctor?

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Just because you’re feeling ill or having some trouble with a headache or a cold, does it mean you need to visit a doctor? Unless you have excellent health care services near you, you’re probably going to end up sitting in a queue on the phone for 30 minutes, only to be told that there are no more appointment spaces and that you’ll have to wait up to two weeks for an appointment. It’s absolutely ridiculous which is why many people have decided to take healthcare into their own hands.

Medicine Can’t Fix Everything

If you go to a qualified pharmacist they’ll tell you that vitamins and minerals can help you build up immunities and bolster your health, but the root cause of your health issues is your diet and not your lack of medicine. Health people encounter diseases and illnesses less because they take care of their bodies and thus, they take care of their health. By eating healthy, doing regular exercise and staying away from anything “bad”, you can stay healthy and remain healthy without needing to visit a doctor at all.

Focus on maintaining a healthy diet and, after a couple of months, you’ll feel much healthier than you were before. This is because our bodies need a good balance of nutrients from food in order to repair our bodies when they are damaged and maintain our immune systems. People that eat unhealthy foods all the time will eventually see adverse effects to their health and the only way to reverse these problems before it’s too late is to eat healthily and do regular exercise.

Self-Diagnosis Can Be Dangerous

Going to a doctor might take a long time which gives people the opportunity to look up their symptoms. If used correctly, self-diagnosis can help you calm your nerves about your symptoms and you might even find some remedies to your problems. However, there are times when self-diagnosis can lead to over-exaggerated symptoms and cause stress or anxiety because we think we have cancer or another life-threatening disease.

Before you start stressing over the possibility of a disease, realise that symptoms can represent many illnesses and it’s not always going to be the worst case scenario. If you’re unsure about symptoms, visiting a doctor will always be the top priority, but if you’ve experienced something before such as the flu, headache or a sore throat, then over-the-counter medication will be enough to treat your problems and you won’t need a doctor.


Whether or not you need a doctor will depend on your symptoms. Most of the time, you can visit a pharmacist and ask for advice because they are usually quite knowledgeable about common illnesses. If you have an emergency such as pains you can’t take, then it’s best to call emergency services. Doctors are generally a pain to visit because of the long waiting times and queues, so you could only book an appointment if absolutely necessary.


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