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No-one should expect immediate results from working out and dieting. Not only is it unrealistic to expect to instantly see change, but it’s unhealthy. It puts the idea in mind that you’re looking for a fix. You shouldn’t be. You should be looking to make long-lasting changes to your lifestyle that keeps you healthy. That said, when you can’t see any progress at all, it can get downright disheartening. You might even be thinking about giving up. But you shouldn’t. Instead, you should keep the following in mind.

Going too fast sets you back

This is most common with people who aren’t all that used to a more active lifestyle. It’s good that you’re willing to push yourself, to find your boundaries and go even beyond. However, you need to know when going too far beyond is only setting you back. When you work out, listen to your body. Understand there’s a difference between the pain of muscles at work and doing yourself damage that could put you on your back. A rest day after the gym is expected but if you’re left on the sidelines for too long, you make the real risk of undoing any change you’ve undergone. If you’re spending your days feeling unenergized or you’re getting irritable or you’re in real pain most of the day, you’re probably working out too much.

Find what you’re lacking

The same goes for what you eat. Being smart about calories is all well and good, but it’s not just about cutting everything out. For one, if you don’t meet you metabolic rate, your body goes into starvation mode and actually makes it harder to lose weight. More importantly, nutrition is an important part of seeing the benefits of working out. Protein, amino acids, and the like are essential for building muscle instead of just hurting yourself, for instance. Whereas it’s also worth looking at the best supplements for endurance if you’re worried you’re not seeing results simply because you’re not able to keep doing for long enough. If you’re starving yourself nutritionally, it doesn’t matter how much you work out. Your body doesn’t have the materials it needs to work with.

See what you’ve been ignoring

The chances are that you are, in fact, making progress but you’re just not seeing it. There are two important ways you should be doing that. First, look at what exactly you’re doing. Track the weights, the reps, the distance, and the times of your workouts. If you’re keeping at it, there’s a good chance you’re going to see yourself doing more over time. If not, then you know it’s time to step it up. But it’s important to measure how far you’ve come as well. Getting real measurements in weight and muscle size can help, but to actually see it, think about taking progress pics. They make it a lot easier to notice the gradual changes that others will see, but are all-too-easily ignored by you.
The chances are that although you’re making great efforts, you’re missing a vital step or two in seeing results. Or perhaps you’re just not looking at the evidence properly. Hopefully, the tips above clear up the confusion and show that yes, you are doing good. Keep it up.


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