Different Types Of Bras That Give Perfect Support

Most girls, and not just the big-busted ones, struggle with finding the right bra. Bras aren’t only about the fabric, color or material but also the level of comfort and support they offer. For all types of boobs, different bra types may work. We know that it’s not the best experience when your bra is ill-fitting, inappropriate or of the wrong style. For one, even more, sagging may occur. Other effects of poor breast support are neck and shoulder pains, poor posture, discomfort, or wardrobe malfunctions.

1. Push-Up Bras

Aside from making those saggy milk bags perkier and making smaller breasts look fuller, push-up bras also offer more support than regular bras. This is due to the extra padding or even sometimes the underwire. They lift your boobs and push them together. If you want to show some cleavage and could also use some much-needed extra support, push-up bras may be the thing for you! Wear them under low-cut tops and dresses for a sexier look. Push-up bras can also be one of the best non-wired bras with good support.

2. Demi Cup Bras

Demi bras offer less coverage of your upper boobs with their shorter, shallow underwires and wide-set straps. They enhance the cleavage of those with shallow or settled breasts. Low-cut and open demi bras offer a slight lift, and so are perfect for wearing and styling under anything. The smooth half-cups contain your breasts enough but do not remove that subtle seductive hint. Demi bras have cups that are cut low across instead of only in the center as with plunge bras. They usually also have less padding or lining than push-up bras, giving your boobs a more natural look.

3. T-Shirt Bras

Perfect for everyday wear, use them under T-shirts or clingy, form-fitting or bodycon clothes. T-shirt bras are designed to give your boobs great shape and outstanding comfort and support without sacrificing modesty. They also camouflage erect nipples. T-shirt bras are good to be worn if you have thin, conical or shallow breasts.

4. Strapless Bras

In choosing strapless bras, pick those with boning in front and under the arms. Wider bands, silicone grip strips, and deep underwires make for optimum comfort and support. Other than strapless clothes, strapless bras also work well for necklines where other types of bras do not work.

5. Wireless Bras

Non-wired bras with good support are often the most comfortable of all bra types. They also give full coverage and works perfectly for you if you have pendulous, splayed or wide-set breasts. Ditching the bothersome underwires for wire-free molded cups that are soft and offer impressive lift are probably one of the best decisions to make.

6. Plunge Bras

Plunge bras are designed to be worn for those sexy, sultry plunging necklines. Despite having low and wide-spaced center panels that keep them concealed under button-downs or dressed and clothes with plunging necklines, plunge bras can also be highly supportive and comfortable.

7. Sports Bras

Sports bras are another type of non-wired bras with good support but are never short of function. They are one of the sturdiest bras there ever was. They provide exceptional support and comfort useful in minimizing the movement and bounce of your breasts during physical exercise, running, training or yoga. Aside from that, sports bras also alleviate pain and discomfort usually experienced from bearing the weight and excessive movement of your breasts.

8. Full Coverage Bras

If you are either busty or full-figured, your boobs may need much more support to ensure maximum comfort. However, you can not let that hinder you from feeling and looking sexy in lingerie. Full-coverage bras provide women who are curvier and have larger breasts with full support by keeping their breasts under control while also giving them the most natural form. These bras are typically more sturdy in the underwire and made with more fabric and stretchable supportive materials. This way, they get to hug your curves in the best way possible.

9. Longline Bras

This style unexpectedly takes its roots from vintage bra designs but has made its way into the spotlight again. They differ from ordinary bras by giving more coverage minus the extra padding. Usually, longline bras are manufactured with more flexible fabric and movable underwire, which allow them to offer some of the best support. And since girls who wear them often do not bother to conceal these bra types, you can even wear them under see-through tops for a bold fashion statement! Supportive bras do not have to be boring or limiting. With the bra types mentioned here, you’re free to explore the possibilities of showing off your great body without abandoning support and comfort. After all, it’s not only the simple joy of being able to remove your bra at the end of every day that should make you care for and cherish your relationship with your breasts!


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