Ideal Face Scrub For Your Skin Type During All Season

Skin is a delicate and sensitive body organ, which needs a lot of care to maintain its health. The skin is prone to damages due to exposure to harsh and extreme weather conditions. Some skin types are most affected after the change of season and it becomes very hard to maintain it. Skin exfoliation is recommended once or twice in a week for you to keep your skin bright by getting rid of dead and damaged cells. There are different face scrubs and you can select the best for you if you know your skin type. Some of the face scrub are specially made for use during certain seasons while some are made for use during all seasons. Below are the ideal face scrub, which can be used on your skin type during all season.

1. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

This is the best exfoliator for dry skin as it helps to remove the peels from your skin, leaving you smooth, soft and young looking. This face scrub helps to lift your skin, making you to feel fresh and rejuvenated. Daily use of this face scrub will make you look younger than your age and have a glowing look. This face scrub works effectively to remove all the rough particles from your skin, open up your skin pores, prevent acne breakouts and erase all the blemishes.

2. Olay Skin Smoothing Cream Scrub

This face scrub is suitable for use on all skin types. It works well even on the delicate skin removing all the dirt, oil and dead cells. It helps to make your skin smooth, soft and glow with radiance. This face scrub have antiaging properties, and it helps in fighting aging signs and removing all the skin imperfections. Using this skin exfoliator will make you look some years younger and have a glowing look.

3. Burts Bees Citrus Facial Scrub

It helps to remove dry patches making it the best exfoliator for dry skin. It delivers moisture on your skin making it to revive and eliminate cracks and dryness. It also have a soothing effect and it prevents your skin from redness, inflammation and acne breakouts. This face scrub is suitable for use on any skin type and it can be used during all seasons. It have a sweet fragrance which leaves you smelling good.

4. Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

This face scrub works effectively by reaching your skin micro pores where the other scrub are not able to reach. It helps to get rid of skin discolouration, dry patches, fine lines and sun spots. Using this product will leave your skin feeling fresh and free from imperfections. It also have antiaging properties making your skin smooth and radiant.

5. Clinique Exfoliating Face Scrub

It is made of beads which helps to scrub your face and easily get rid of all the dirt, oils and damaged cells. It helps to improve your skin brightness and make you look young. It will prevent your skin from cracking and peeling off.

6. Murad Aha Exfoliating Cleanser

This face scrub works on all skin types and it is ideal for use during all seasons. It takes care of delicate and sensitive skin by providing a soothing effect. It removes all the dead and damaged cells without causing you redness or irritation. Use of this product will leave you feeling clean, smooth, soft and tender to touch. It also helps to prevent breakouts and leave your skin hydrated.

7. The Body Shop Seaweed Pore Cleansing Facial Exfoliator

It works by removing extra oil from your skin, improving your skin texture and preventing breakouts. It also helps to open your skin pores making you feel fresh and improve skin aeration. Using this face scrub will also hydrate your skin and prevent it from dryness.


The skin needs to be taken care of in all seasons. You are required to exfoliate often to avoid accumulation of dead cells on your epidermis. Exfoliating your skin for at least once or twice in a week will help to make your skin bright by eliminating dirt, oil and damaged cells. It will also help to open up your skin pores thus reducing acne breakouts. There are different face scrubs available in the market and each have the intended use. Some are made for use on specific skin types while others are made for certain seasons. It is recommended for you to use a face scrub that is suitable for use on all skin types during all seasons. This will help to avoid the risk that your skin is exposed to when you change the face scrub due to change of season.


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