Things to Do to Keep Your Skin Healthy This Winter

The hot and sun filled summer ushers in a contrasting period; that is the winter. Ranging from fewer periods of sun exposure, low temperatures, and dry winds, be certain that not only your entire body but also your skin needs extensive care. During winter, dry and flaky skins are the order of the season. This is due to the ever blowing dry winds, draining a lot of moisture from the skin. With this said, you should prime your skin to the tough expected conditions. However, skin care tips during such conditions are quite simple. Commitment is all that is necessary. Some of the tips for keeping your skin healthy during winter are highlighted below:

1. Exfoliate

Summer leaves the skin pretty dried up. This is due to the fun-filled sunbathing and lengthy periods of exposure to hot conditions and high temperatures. Due to this, the skin outermost layer gets extensively damaged and accumulates. The dead skin normally gets off on its own. However, due to the extensive death of skin cells, the normal rejuvenation process may not account for this. This is why exfoliation is a necessary procedure. Exfoliation is a key winter skin care procedure that involves scrubbing off the layer of the skin composed of dead cells. Without doing this, the accumulated dead cells may clog up the skin pores or precede the development of various skin conditions including eczema. Besides, exfoliation is a simple procedure that involves using a scrub to rub off the skin. However, you should be gentle to avoid causing irritations to the new skin cells.

2. Moisturize

Moisturizers play a big role when it comes to skin care procedures. This is why moisturizing is included in many skin care routines. As indicated, winter is characterized by heavily blowing dry winds. As the winds blow, they evaporate the essential moisture off the skin. This leaves the skin dry and flaky. Therefore, moisturizing is essential to rehydrate the skin. Moisturizing agents come in two main types. Those that stimulate the production of hydrating oils and those that hold water particles together preventing loss. Glycolic acids, selenium, and other agents can, be used for effective smooth and healthy skins.

3. Sun Protection

Providing protection to your skin during winter is the other winter skin care tip. Many people often ignore this procedure due to reduced sun exposure. However, they forget that even the little sun they get exposed to have a similar intensity of damaging ultraviolet rays. Using a sunscreen is, therefore, the mainstay prevention strategy. For better results, purchasing a sunscreen of 30 and above SPF value is prudent. Additionally, reapply the sunscreen after every two hours of sun exposure. Ensure also that you apply the coat over the unclothed skin areas.

4. Avoid Long, Hot Showers

For sure, long and hot showers may sound luxurious during such a cold season. Yes, it could be if not for the damaging effects it has on the skin. Bathing in hot water damages the healthy skin cells. Additionally, taking long showers impede the moisture content of the skin. Therefore, you should stick to the conventional short lasting showers. Additionally, use lukewarm water to ensure that a lot of moisture is not lost. You should then dry your skin by patting it gently. Make sure that you apply a moisturizer immediately after showering.

5. Take Plenty Of Water

Many people often take less water during winter seasons. This could be attributed to the preexisting cold conditions unfavorable for taking huge amounts of water. However, it is recommended that you take at least eight glasses of water every day. Water plays many of vital roles in the body. Nourishing the skin being one of them.

6. Diet Considerations

Food intake is the other factor to look into if you want a smooth and healthy skin during winter. Taking nourishing food supplements is of immense importance. For instance, foods with essential natural oils providing the skin with the required oil for its smooth appearance. Additionally, some foods have natural antioxidants. Therefore, when taken adequately, they destroy free radicals and other toxic compounds that initiate premature skin aging and drying among other conditions.


Keeping the skin healthy during winter is not daunting at all. All you need is to observe the necessary guides to nourish and maintain a healthy skin. Some of the key guides are outlined above. Other home-made remedies also provide utmost skin care. Some of them include coconut oils, papaya application, and many others. You can opt for the home-made regimens if you don’t find chemical products fun to use. If you prefer chemical products for moisturizers, sunscreens, and exfoliants, ensure that you go for high-quality products.


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