Things To Keep In Mind To Have Healthy And Gentle Skin

Skin is said to be the biggest organ in our body and therefore it is very important to take good care of our it. One function of the skin is to protect our body from germs and any other infectious agents. While majority people need a healthy skin due to its radiant appearance that it offers, it can be a strong indicator of the overall health of an individual. Excellent skin care plus healthy lifestyle habits can help hinder the process of natural aging and prevent certain skin problems. Here are some of the things to keep in mind so as to have healthy and gentle skin.

Avoid excessive salt intake

It should be understood that taking a lot of salt can lead to excessive retention of water in our body, which can lead to swelling and facial puffiness. This can lead to development of dark circles below you eyes and puffy eyes. In addition, increased acne breakouts have been associated with excess iodized salt intake. It is advised to minimize your salt intake and try to take foods rich in potassium such as bananas and always clean all your canned vegetables, beans and meat; this help to reduce the sodium content.

Moisturize your skin

Sometimes you might feel your skin to be oily and you may feel obliged to avoid using your moisturizer during winter months; that’s a grave mistake. You need to use a moisturizer because of the following reasons; firstly, when you use a lotion or a cream after showering, this will help lock the moisture in your skin before it completely dries out. Secondly, when you stop applying your moisturizer to your skin it might cause some skin breakouts. Lastly, by using a moisturizer it will help you get rid of some fault lines on your skin. You should also change your type of moisturizer to use during the winter season. Consider using moisturizers, which utilizes oils like emollients and humectants. These oils are known to have excellent moisturizing properties. The daily usage of a skin moisturizer is an important winter skin care remedy to use.

Use sunscreen daily

The use of sunscreen needs to be emphasized as one of the winter skin care for any type of skin either dry or oily. Sunscreens are chemicals in form of spray, lotion or cream, which is marketed to absorb the radiations as they hit the skin. Broad spectrum sunscreens provide protection for both UVA and UVB radiations. You should choose the right sunscreen for your skin type because there are different brands in the market place, which also have different Skin Protection Factor (SPF). Most dermatologists recommended regular usage of sunscreens.

Shave your hair very carefully

The act of shaving most of the time irritates your skin. Therefore, bad shaving practices may result in peeling, and dryness of the skin cells in the areas you have shaved. It is important to know how to shave your hair in the right way so as to minimize these skin problems and have a healthy and gentle skin. Use the razor blade very carefully over the skin without causing any scratches or damages. Do not put much pressure while shaving. Apply a shaving gel or skin moisturizer on the areas you want to shave before starting shaving. Avoid using shaving gels that contain alcohol. In addition, always remember thatthe best moment to shave your hair is immediately after bath and this is a recommendation from the American Academy of Dermatology.

Try to avoid sunbeds

Make sure you don’t get into the trap of these companies marketing superior skin protection remedies using tanning beds. Tanning beds were made so as to offer an alternative for those individuals who needed a tan without the direct effects of the sun which are claimed to be damaging. However most dermatologists didn’t like the idea and many claimed that it might be worse than the sun.

Use gentle cleanser

Some cleansers can cause your skin to dry out while other doesn’t. Avoid cleansers that make your skin dry and instead look for gentle cleanser, which contains some moisturizing ingredients. Always remember not to leave your skin naked after cleansing it because it will dehydrate your skin and leave it dry. Apply a moisturizer and a hydrating toner to seal in the moisture.


Excellent skin care will require you to follow the above tips. In addition, avoid using nasty chemicals whose safety are not yet determined that can be harmful to your skin and can cause skin disorders, and even accelerating the ageing process.


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