5 Steps To Help You Get Back In The Team After Injury


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For all the amazing pros of playing sports, sustaining an injury is not one of them. Physical injury is the worst nightmare of all those that have an active interest in sports; whether they be athletes, fun runners or weekly participators. Injuries are the worst. It isn’t just the lack of game time, either, it is also the feeling of being defeated as you sit in your armchair and watch yet another episode of Friends.

That is why it is so important that you give yourself the best chance of a speedy recovery and get back to whatever it was you loved doing before all this happened, which means following this guideline.

Proper Diagnosis Is Key

When you suffer an injury, you are not simply hurt. Being injured comes with the side-effect of longevity and if it isn’t properly diagnosed then your determination to ‘man or woman up’ could make your injury so much worse. You are the only one who knows your pain, so listen to what it is saying. If it is soreness, then you may be able to walk it off. If it is an injury, you’ll know that there is no amount of walking that will help. Basically, proper diagnosis is massively important because playing through the pain is massively harmful. It can make a short-term injury a chronic condition.

Scrutinize What Happened

If you want to recover and stay recovered, then we recommend that you try to fully understand what happened to you so that you can properly plan your recovery and know what it will take to avoid this injury plaguing your return to action. The benefits aren’t just physical either. When you get injured, your confidence takes a serious knock, so knowing what happened can bring your confidence back up.
Work With A Doctor

These guys and girls didn’t specialise in their field for years and years for no reason. Harness their wise words and support. Bring a dietician on board, work with the best chiropractor you can find, and bring a personal trainer into the loop as well. Anyone that will be able to oversee your rehabilitation efforts and make sure you aren’t aggravating your injury in an attempt to recover.

Feed Your Body Properly

You are what you eat (and drink), remember that, especially during your recovery period. You need to eat lots of good nutrients and drink lots of water. If you want to add a supplement to boost your rehab then speak to those professionals you are working with and see which will help rebuild your muscle and joints best, although things like amino acids are always a good addition to a healthy lifestyle. Try and stay away from sugar and booze, though. This will slow you down big time.

Don’t Stop Prematurely

You may feel back to your glorious self, but that doesn’t mean you should stop your recovery program just yet. Always continue it for a few weeks more. Not only will this help your body recover and better stave off injury, it will also help you mentally. Yeah, the whole confidence thing again. Get into the habit of warming up as well, and work on those core areas to make sure you really are at full strength.


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