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If your belly is ruining your body confidence and you don’t dare wear anything that is form-fitting, let alone a bikini, don’t despair. There are many reasons for a bigger belly, but the main one is bloating, which means that it is easy to deal with. If bloat is your problem, here’s how you can eat your way to a flatter belly:

Eat Two Kinds of Fiber

Fiber is the biggest enemy of bloat. When you’re constipated, or you’ve eaten a particularly big meal, your stomach will start to distend, and it can make you look and feel larger than you are. Research has shown that eating both soluble and insoluble fiber together is more effective at getting things moving and removing your bloat than one, which is why you should always eat two kinds of fiber for breakfast.

Lower Your Sodium Intake

Sodium is one of the main culprits that cause the body to retain water and make the belly puffier than it should be. The average American eats 100 percent more sodium than is healthy, so it isn’t surprising that so many of us are walking around with bloated bellies! The easiest ways to cut your sodium intake is to avoid salty snacks and taste your food before adding any additional salt. Eating unprocessed foods will also help to cut your sodium intake dramatically. If you need help with eating a healthier diet for a flatter belly, is a great place to start, as not only do they have guides that feature diet plans, but there are also exercises which can promote a flat belly, available too.

Power Up with Potassium


Potassium is another ingredient that is great at fighting bloat by getting rid of water weight. If you regularly eat bananas and potatoes, the potassium will flush the excess fluid from your body and make your appearance much less puffy. To really make a difference, you should eat around 5 cups of potassium rich foods each day. This might sound like a lot but there are lots of fruits and vegetables that contain potassium, so if you’re eating a healthy diet, you should have no problems meeting your quota.

Drink More Water

When you drink more water, your body won’t feel the need to hold on to excess supplies that lead to puffiness. It will also help the fiber you eat to work more effectively, and when you’re not dehydrated, you’re much less likely to overeat and gain weight. Water really is a miracle substance. Just look at to see all the thing that water can do for your body and your health.

Avoid Sodas (Even Sugar-Free Ones)

If you drink soda and you often feel bloated, it probably isn’t a coincidence. Sodas are carbonated, which means that you are taking in a gas whenever you drink one. Not only that, but the sweeteners in low-calorie sodas contain sugar alcohols that do not get completely digests and therefore ferment in the body causing bloat.

Have you succeeded in banishing the bloat? How did you do it?


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