Don't Let A Mental Condition Stop You Staying Fit

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People with mental conditions may be more prone to lower levels of physical fitness compared to other people. The main reason for this is that their mental condition prohibits them from getting them same level of exercise as other people, even if they wanted to. On this post, we’re going to look at some examples of mental conditions, how they affect levels of fitness and some possibilities on how people suffering from these conditions can cope. Let’s start by thinking about autism.

ASD and Fitness

One of the key traits of autism is difficulty socialising and interacting with other people. This can make the simplest social interaction excruciating and complex. For instance, someone with severe ASD might find it difficult to pay for admission into a gym or even to run at a park if they were required to interact with other people in any way during that time.

One of the ways people with ASD can continue to stay fit is by working out at home. You can purchase plenty of exercise equipment for the home that will make working out in private easy. It’s best to start by buying a weight bench. This will allow you to complete a number of different exercises. If you’re working out alone, make sure you limit how much you’re lifting so that it isn’t dangerous if you lose control of the weight.

Depression And Energy

People who are suffering from depression often have very low levels of energy. When you read about bipolar depression, you’ll discover that it’s like a swinging pendulum. One day you can be full of life and vigour, the next, you might not want to get out of bed. This certainly makes staying fit a challenge. Dealing with this is difficult, but you can make sure you exercise by making it a part of your weekly routine. Start working out at the same time on the same days every week. Eventually, subconsciously, you will associate that time of day with exercise. Even if you don’t feel energetic, your body will tell your mind it’s time to go to work.

OCD and The Gym

OCD is another condition that is going to make the gym a very difficult place to be. In this case, it’s not about the social interaction but rather the environment itself. People suffering from OCD can have trouble with levels of hygiene and may be uncomfortable with using equipment that has been touched by multiple people.

However, one of the ways to deal with mental conditions like OCD is to fight back against it. You need to challenge yourself to do things that are outside your comfort zone. This is almost always part of the therapeutic treatment for someone with OCD. As such, it might be best to make going to the gym part of the treatment. That way, you can get fit and tackle the constraints of your condition at the same time.

People suffering from mental conditions like this may find staying fit more difficult. However, it’s important to strive towards high levels of fitness because it could actually positively impact your mental state. Many people with these conditions find their symptoms are reduced by regular exercise.


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