Dreading The Dental Chair? Think Again!

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OK so who among us jumps for joy when we have an upcoming dentist appointment? Not many, I'm sure. But why is that? Well, it's often because we associate the dentists with pain and uncomfortable procedures. But are we really justified in dreading the dentist, or should we take a new perspective? Read on to find out.

They stop things before they progress

Now, you may have had less than pleasant experience at the dentist's office when you were a child, or even in later life. You may have experienced an extraction or cavity filling. But let's look at that situation for a minute. Yes, it's wasn't the nicest time you have ever had. But dentist doesn't do these procedures if they are not necessary.

Mostly they are done because leaving the teeth in the state that they are will cause further pain and suffering down the line. You can see more about the process of decay and how it damages teeth at http://www.zipheal.com/tooth-decay/five-stages-of-tooth-decay/1714.

So it really is better to catch it quick before the problem has spread. In this way, a trip to the dentist is a critical self-care measure, and they are actually helping you experience less pain in the future.

They have advanced equipment

Another reason that we should perhaps take a new perspective on our visits to the dentists is that it is a field that is changing and developing all of the time. That, means the treatment or examination that you had 10 years ago, and didn't enjoy, is way out of date, and has been replaced with something far more relaxed and less invasive.

For example, many dentists now use an intraoral camera to look at the back of patient's teeth, like the ones available from prodentshop.com. So you don't have to open your mouth so wide for such a long time.

The same goes for dental hygienists who carefully use very accurate equipment now to clean the teeth. Resulting in a lot less discomfort and abrasions.

They have provision for nervous patients

Something else that should make you think twice about dreading the dental chair is that dental practice is much more sensitive to nervous patients.

In fact, the whole medical profession is a lot more aware of what havoc anxiety can play with people’s lives, and are more accommodation to treating people with such conditions.

In dental practice, this may involve giving the patient control over when the procedures stop and start, so they feel calmer. Or providing anesthetics and sedatives for more difficult procedures to minimize discomfort.

They have extensive training

You should also remember that both dentist and dental hygienist have extensive training in their field. You have to be registered with a professional body to practice, and regularly keep up with training and the last uses techniques.

So while it can be a worrying experience, you are in the best hands possible.

They can help identify other health problems

Lastly, perhaps we should embrace a visit to the dentist more because they don't just tell up about our teeth, but can help us spot other health conditions that affect the gums and mouth area.

Meaning that they are the first line in safeguarding your overall all health and well as your oral health. 


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