List of Different Health Issues a Chiropractor Can Help You With

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The human body is an amazing machine. It enables us to perform whatever task imaginable, so long as we keep it healthy and running. And if something does go wrong, it is sure to send us signals like joint or muscle pain, just in time for us to identify the problem and work towards a solution. However, it has become a common practice to neglect these signals for a number of reasons. We find ways to numb them out via painkillers or therapies that provide temporary relief, instead of dealing with the actual problem. Due to the stigma that therapeutic massages and chiropractic treatments are a luxury, many people remain unaware that these could not only solve, but also prevent a great deal of health problems.


One of the most common health issues nowadays, headaches have become more and more prominent. To make matters worse, identifying their cause can be tiring and tedious. However, most of those headaches stem from back, shoulder and neck problems. For example, bad sitting habits can lead to long-term spinal issues which obstruct proper blood flow to the brain. Whiplash, caused by accidents in which the neck suffers sudden back-and-forth movement, can also cause headaches even after the neck has been deemed uninjured. A chiropractor can examine the base of the skull and the vertebrae beneath it, to see if there are any subtle deformities causing these headaches.

Carpal tunnel

If you have a job that requires any kind of repetitive movement, from window cleaning to typing or painting for several hours, uninterrupted, you may have experienced the carpal tunnel syndrome. It comes in the form of joint pain in the hands and feet, due to prolonged repetitive motions. If untreated, it can render your joints unusable and cause severe pain experienced daily. Some people opt for rest of the problematic joints and use binders that help keep them fixed in place. This puts their hands and feet out of commission for some time, and even then, the process can be painstakingly long. However, with great success, a chiropractor can provide proper treatment – they can adjust the joints through several sessions, and show a few exercises you can do at home, to keep the joints active and in motion.


Allergies are known to be the result of the body’s attempt to protect us from what it perceives to be a threat. The immune system treats a benign outside stimulus as an attack, and reacts viciously to that stimulus’s exposure. This results in rashes, sneezing, coughing, or in severe cases, seizures and asthmatic attacks. The immune system can react in this way because the unaligned spine is pressing on the nerves connected to it. Many chiropractors from Perth claim that these symptoms can be lessened to a great extent with holistic therapy. A skilled chiropractor can align your spine and try to ease the stress on the nerves to soften the immune system’s reaction to outside stimuli.


Spinal problems can affect even the abdomen. The thoracic nerves in the spine, in charge of the chest and abdomen, can find themselves pressured between vertebrae, sending erratic signals to the affected areas. Unaligned spinal vertebrae were linked to the most common intestinal problems such as gas, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, and poor digestion. By readjusting the spinal column in the thoracic area, the chiropractor can relieve some of the stress on the nerves and help improve the functioning of the digestive tract. So before you start doing blood tests and checking in with your gastroenterologist, go to your chiropractor and see what they have to say.

When it comes to our health, there is no one proper way to treat our body. Holistic therapy doesn’t reject the effectiveness of medicines, on the contrary, it is there as a supplementary treatment to all chronic ailments. What this discipline excels at is observing the body as one interconnected system, and not just an assembly of individual parts. All the organs, joints and limbs are wired to our spine and nervous system. And when something is wrong with the main system, it will affect the rest of the body – from joint pains and headaches, to poor digestion. Therefore, it is vital to not discard chiropractics as a discipline, as it has the ability to eliminate painkillers from our lives completely.


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